Very slightly greener ..

I have 67 kg (148lbs) of photos to get back to DC which somewhat exceeds my United baggage allowance even if I leave all my clothes behind.   I've had these stored in my son's garage but now that he has a wife she will be moving in with her own "stuff".  It's time for me to get these so that I can scan/preserve them.

So …  research was required.  First I tried Australia Post which is how I got my worldly possessions to America nearly 10 years ago. The lady told me in 3 minutes that it would cost an exorbitant.1,228.30.$$$$   – though she didn't actually use the word "exorbitant" – she had a tone that suggested I was getting such a bargain that I should race home pack them up and get back in time to catch the last post of the day.

I had actually saved up and budgeted an amount of $1,000 for this exercise but I was not really expecting to have to use it all.

I had seen an advertisement for Fed Ex International Economy so I rang Lawrence in India and had a nice conversation where he used my name a lot as well as "that's a good question Emjay, I can tell you the answer"… After 10 or 15 minutes Lawrence decided that Economy service was not going to work for me and that actually the 25kg flat rate boxes sent at Priority service would be cheaper (apparently the economy service just means it takes longer to get there!). 

So …  today they will start their journey to the manservant's office and the cost of getting them there in about 3 days will be less than $800..    (FYI: Oz Post could send them by sea for about $650 but I've seen those statistics on how many containers go overboard every year…).   

The landscape got a little greener as we headed towards the Hunter Valley…

This little church was in the middle of nowhere ( I love the "outhouse"):

A few of the very small towns have these fancy big signs:

This place thinks it is in the Mediterranean – these are all olive trees:

And, now, we interrupt our pleasant country drive to bring some ugly open cut mining….
I remember a couple of years ago you could not see this from the road…

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  1. The post office used to have a service called economy air where the package would fly to LA and then be shipped by land to the next destination. It meant a real hike in postage fees when they got rid of that. I once had dinner next to some world expert on tides and the figures he was throwing about on container losses were so big I never want to send anything by ship again. When I was in FedEx this morning there was a lady in there sending her Christmas present to WI. I've suggested to my mother that she investigate that when my birthday comes around.

  2. Wow, that's a lot of photos. I have had things shipped from Australia before, including cheetos, and it's always been high. Even from a more mainstream mail place like England, or anywhere in the UK, it's high and getting higher. I wouldn't care on some of it taking a week or two to build up a full load before shipping if the rates were half what they are now. Sheesh.

  3. some lovely country there just a shame on the dryness, also the strip mining what a ugly thing that is! Love the little church but for some reason always love architecture and churches. Must also be a great place to see the stars down that way…Also I noticed that in a few photos the bush area is not like the bush area here or I should say Forest area here it is so much more denser where as that one photo of yours shows a hill side and much room between trees! Oh to be a lot healthier and have the money to travel although if I brought my nephew with me he would pick up every animal he came across and would want to bring them all home!

  4. Love old country churches….and the other pics are great too.Mrs GOF heard you were not allowed to take vegemite into the US in luggage so she posted 10 tubes. The vegemite cost $30 and the postage $50!Hope your photos arrive safely.

  5. LOL – we were so intent on getting to Cat's place we did not stop at any of the wineries! Yeah, posties one day and bus drivers the next! Hope Santa doesn't strike next week.

  6. I wouldn't ask anyone to do that – it would take you ages and ages – years & years probably. Maybe that dust is the cause of the other problems you have – throat etc.

  7. Mining is such a blight on the landscape isn't it… It's easy to ignore when it is out of sight but once they get this big and this close to the road it brings home what an environmental disaster it is.

  8. Yeah – it puts people off sending me any goodie packages that's for sure My mother used to send me "care" packages of chocolates and Tim Tams but it is too expensive for her to do that now. It doesn't seem to cost as much to send from the US to here.

  9. Jamie – it would be wonderful if one day your health improved enough for you to have a trip downunder – I think you would love it – especially the animals. I photograph a lot of churches as I also find them great subjects especially the architecture. Some of the country areas the minister (preacher) would drive around doing a few different church services in the one day as each parish would be too small to have their own minister. As you go further west the trees become less dense. A lot of this land would have been cleared originally for farming.

  10. Well that is a good idea but they don't ship much equipment from here to the States. They have safely crossed the world with Fed Ex though and wait in his office for our return. I don' t know what I will do if I want to come back to Australia eventually……

  11. Oooh! Mrs GOF. America is not so strict on "importing" stuff at the airport as Australia is. I have had things like muesli bars and popcorn confiscated at Sydney airport (raw seeds, cranberries etc) – the American customs have never blinked at the food I've taken that way – only once I was asked about a christmas pudding I had spent a fortune on last year from Harrods!!

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