On the road..


It's hard to blog on the road and when one is racing around like a maniac trying to fit in visits with all one's relatives and friends – so apologies to my virtual friends for not being a very good neighbour at the moment.

The morning after the wedding, and 4 hours sleep, we hit the road to Coonabarabran and the Anglo-Australian Telescope because the manservant was going to play astro-dweeb at Siding Spring Observatory.

I was standing on a tree stump taking photos of the lodge room we were staying in with the telescope in the background – this was our little room -  that's my coffee cup on the ground:

when I heard a sort of rustling sound and then a series of weird grunts.  I turned to see a large kangaroo very close to me.

It was intently staring at me with almost evil looking eyes. It did not budge as I lifted the camera to take a shot.  It was starting to freak me out.  I sneaked a look towards our room and wondered if I could outrun it …. ha ha ha.

I thought about calling for the manservant but then realised that my image as a tough Aussie farm girl would be seriously tarnished if I had to call an American for help with one of our native creatures.

I slowly backed  off the stump and skulked backwards to the room never taking my eye off it -  and it never took its eye off me.

That night, sleeping in that room alone, I'm sure I could hear it using those little hands to tap on the window.

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  1. It sounds like you will have to take a rest after this trip but enjoy the warmer weather because it is damn cold up this way! Also must be great to catch up with everyone, except for that demented Ru or maybe he had too much coffee! But he really looked demented, sent by satin, or just mildly pissed off! Are you sure you did not do something to him before you left????

  2. Thanks for sharing views of the Observatory. It was a bit scary seeing the sign warning of high brush fire danger. It reminded me of what happened on Mt. Wilson in California this summer! Too scary! Speaking of scary… the shot of Mr. Kangaroo really depicted the reason a native Aussie such as you was unnerved! I think I'd back away as well. — JG

  3. Thank you Apolline – yes I think that animals can have the same see-saw emotions as humans – though wild animals should never really be trusted. The eyes were much weirder in the photo than they were in real life – I really didn't like the way it was staring at me.

  4. My mother told me the story of a man here recently who was attacked by a 'roo as he was trying to save his dog who was being attacked. That was in my mind when I saw this guy especially given the guttural noises it was making.

  5. I could do with some of your cold… but then if I was there I would be complaining. I think that because the 'roo was in shadow my flash went off giving it that weird fake look.

  6. LOL – yes, I will need to go back to work to have a rest!. It is always a whirlwind time when I come home as I have so many people to see. I don't want to miss anyone or hurt anyone's feelings so I do tend to run myself a bit ragged by the end. LOL – that's the sort of question the manservant would ask – "did you do something to annoy it?"

  7. Thank you James. Yes, the fire danger has been high for quite some time now. We've had high temperatures (the hottest November on record), and drought in many areas making ideal conditions for fires. It does scare astronomers and officials at Siding Spring – the summit has been thinned of trees compared to what it used to be … though there is no water truck on standby, there are volunteer fire brigades not far away.

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