Phew – it’s done! And, I wore the black shoes….

So …..   the mother of the groom woke with a really blood shot eye;  the sister-bridesmaid broke her shoe before she left the house; our side of the church was lean in guests (small family) and had to be filled with the bride's family and friends; the mother of the groom and her manservant got terribly lost on the way to the reception and did not get to hang out drinking in the "green" room with the bridal party before being introduced to the crowd and the groom's trousers split when he was hoisted into the air by guests. Oh, and the first set of professional photos taken at the groom's place have me in what can only be described as "house shoes" because I forgot to take my "real" shoes with me to his apartment!!   But, for all that it was a great day!  I think it was the best wedding I have ever been to – though I have to wonder if young people just don't want to talk to each other because everything was so loud!   

The church was a lovely old Catholic one in Hunters Hill  

This is my daughter, the Princess, who was a bridesmaid 

Here is the bride and her parents: – before we left their home 

This is my other son playing groomsman:

Cute brother & sister act – this is the 6th time they have done this!!! (mother in bright pink)

Here comes the bride:

That's my boy – she's on her own now…..

This is the moment the trousers split: 

The cutting of the cake was punctuated with a canon firing out confetti: 

The bridal waltz involved fireworks & smoke:

It was a huge wedding – 240 guests – with only 50 from our side.   My sister, Cat, has a more descriptive post of the evening than I've done here. I'm exhausted – I've had a huge week being introduced to all the new (in-law) relatives……..

Then this morning the manservant and I left Sydney early for a road trip as he is playing astro-dweeb at the telescope in Coonabarabran tonight.    I'm looking forward to starting my vacation soon……. 


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  1. Thank you Snowy. It was a pretty amazing night. The bride's sister caught the bouquet so I bet the father is quaking now! I am enjoying some quiet time in the astronomer's lodge in Coona…… my recovery will be quicker than the manservant's. 🙂

  2. Fun to see the pictures! My son is getting married Dec. 30. I'm supposed to wear red shoes, looking forward to that. All I can say is that I am SO GLAD I am the mother of the groom and not mother of the bride who has to do all the planning and work lol.

  3. What a great wedding, glad your missing all the cold weather also what a pretty little girl all dressed up and such a pretty face you would almost think they could do modeling…..Hope you enjoyed yourself and did not cry a lot they look like they were very happy

  4. OMGosh….I bet your son was immediately attracted to his new wife because she looks sooo much like his beautiful sister? (And perhaps his mom too?)
    What an amazing wedding. It makes our local weddings look soooo boring! Fireworks and smoke?!? Locals think they are going alll out with helium balloons. laughing
    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Now be sure to take pictures of the country side that you visit on your vacation. I LUV your pictures.
    Denise– Who is nested inside looking out at the snow on the ground ;(

  5. Wow! Has anyone else mentioned how much your daughter resembles the bride? At least to eyes who don't know them as personally as you do? I was told that when I first got married, and I still don't see the resemblance, but I get mistaken for being one of my in-law's biological children all the time!

  6. Everything looks like it was really lovely! Just happened by Vox tonight (a rare occurrence lately, unfortunately), and noticed you were in Australia… hope the remainder of your trip is great!

  7. I'm not going to read through all the other comments here since I'm getting to this so late … but I DID look at this when it was first posted and wondered where the picture of the mother of the groom was … did I miss it?

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