Where is Emjay?


When I left DC on Thursday the temperature was in the 40's (below 10 C)……    when I landed in Sydney, Saturday morning, it was 100!!  (38C). 

I got heat stroke walking from the terminal to the car -  of course we walked further in the sunny car park than necessary because my son forgot where he parked. 

His car does not have air conditioning…….

I spent Saturday afternoon lying on his couch trying to cool down.

I spent a hot & balmy Saturday evening with my 3 children and my daughter-in-law-to-be and fifty of her closest relatives.

Sunday (still hot)  I spent with a friend I have known for over 40 years, in her air conditioned apartment.  We drank gin & tonics and laughed a lot.

Today I drove an injured friend around in his stick shift car.   I have not driven a stick shift in over 10 years.  I only stalled it twice.

I just learnt that, whilst the manservant is winging his way to Australia his bag is still in Chile…….  he arrives on Wednesday.  He is told his bag will arrive on Friday.  The wedding is on Saturday. 

My son has a 20 year old computer and internet connection slower than dial-up.  He has an iPhone so he doesn't care.



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  1. I am happy to hear you are surviving so far My brother just got back from Barbarossa and said it was 90in the shade, right now I would love some heat like that but am more wishful that you get acclimatized and that good wishes and a happy time is had by all!

  2. Going from 40 to 100 degrees sounds pretty dang good to me right now! btw, which shoes did you decide on? The silver or the black? I'm thinking you went with the silver.

  3. 100????????(((((hugs))))))I'm glad you're there but I wish you could have had a more gradual acclimation period…40 to 100 is a big change!!!!Stick shift? Aaaaak!Sydney?Wave in the direection of RedBubble for me, OK? I tink that's where they are. LOL….have fun, and I hope the weather gets a bit cooler for you!

  4. Welcome back Emjay….hope you have a great holiday.If you really miss the cold, visit Melbourne for a couple of days….you're bound to find some there mixed up with all their other weather:-)

  5. Do you really, honestly dare to believe them and not buy backup clothes for the manservant? I'd be afraid the bag wouldn't show up on Friday! Just one more thing to stress over, right? Aren't you glad you're the mother of the groom and not anything more stressful! I, for one, am happy I have one girl and five boys.

  6. Wow…that big of a temperature change would put anybody in shock! Your visit in the airconditioning apartment with your friend & gin sounds so fun! 🙂 Nothing like spending time with an old close friend. My friend Leigh & I have known each other for 35 years and I can totally relate to the good time you had! 😉

    Best wishes for the wedding & safe travels while you are away!

  7. Be sure to take LOTS of pictures! That way I can live vicariously through You. I can't imagine traveling the whole way around the world. They should pass out *knock out pills* when you step on the airplane. I bet the 20 some hour flight seemed like forever. Have a wonderful time and enjoy the party after the wedding.
    Warm hugs,
    Denise 😉

  8. One of my friends said that it was good that it was his luggage that was delayed rather than mine as he would handle it much better LOL. Yes it turned up in time thank goodness.

  9. Luckily his luggage did turn up – though I did have a plan…… once we found out it had been cleared by customs I stopped planning and left him and United to sort out delivery. I did have to iron a very creased shirt though!

  10. Thank you GOF. yes, I remember having a particularly cold summer's day in Melbourne once. I had to buy a cardigan which i then couldn't wear in Sydney for 6 months!

  11. I had a plan to buy a suit from a store similar to Macy's – I could take it back then if the bag didn't turn up – luckily it did. LOL you & your sons — I told my 2nd son I'm looking forward to another "party" when he's ready; I told my daughter she has to elope. 🙂

  12. I was about to run out and get back up clothes when we got a call to say the bag had passed customs. I thought once it was in the country we should be ok …… yep, love this sunburnt country! It is certainly dry where I am now.

  13. Thank you Maju – you must have blown it my way. I think it was about 27C yesterday – still a little warm I think for all the "stuff" the guys had on but no-one passed out though there were jokes made about it maybe happening!

  14. Hi Denise – you know it's going to be a long flight when they tell you they are going to play 6 or 7 movies…. I hardly took any photos the first week as I was too busy leading up to the wedding, but today we went on a road trip and I have taken some to post in a couple of days……

  15. Thank you Homebody… the wedding yesterday was fantastic. I wore the black shoes – they were comfy and I managed to stay on my feet during the times I was on display. My daughter changed out of her bridesmaid shoes into thongs at the reception LOL.

  16. I totally agree with your friend…..men generally need much fewer things to get on than women, especially for a special occasion. You'll have to tell us which shoes you chose for the wedding. : – )

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