Tourists & Thanksgiving …


I love tourists … really I do because they help my local economy but.. 

-  please stand to the right on the metro (train) escalators so that we locals, with things to do, can walk past on the left.  There is even a sign asking you.

-  and when you get to the top, or bottom, of the escalator please do not just stop there while you figure out where to go next.  There are 50 people about to trip up behind you.

-  Oh – and if a machine has a diagram of how a ticket should be inserted they really want you to insert your ticket that way!  

I think someone needs a drink ……. 


I wish all Americans a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving – even the tourists! 

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13 responses

  1. No citizenship – I'm a "legal alien" . I'm a tourist when I don't want to understand something…..! I spend Thanksgiving with a friend who works at the World Bank and invites other aliens over – so we have a sort of United Nations dinner instead of Thanksgiving.

  2. Could I recommend the Stop and Go Market… can have vegetables and meat with your booze and you can phone for a cab if you overindulge.Happy Thanksgiving to you too Emjay.

  3. So true! I live close to LA. The cars that cause the problems are the ones that are hesitant and unusually slow on the freeways. I am scared of those that are nervous and slow drivers. 50 plus cars zooming up on them are a bit spooky!

  4. I remember being frustrated by DC tourists. I really do act like a "tourist" when I visit someplace unfamiliar. I can smell DC. Not sure that is a good thing, but I miss it.

  5. Whenever I'm using public transportation in an unfamiliar town, I always stand aside and watch how the locals do it. Then I imitate. And if I don't know where I'm supposed to go, I just pick a direction and walk.

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