Remember December – almost final result…..

Remember my Diet Aids ….   Remember December ?    Well here I am just over a week away from December so I thought it was time to check in.   

I have lost 16 lbs (about 7.3 kg)  since I posted those signs all around the kitchen.   With one week to go I might squeeze out another couple.  That result is not too bad – it's the equivalent of 1.5 dress sizes.   I did not increase my exercise;  actually I don't do any exercise other than the walking required to get places and our weekend strolls which are usually 3-5 miles each Saturday and Sunday.

I just stopped eating all the nice things in the cupboard and freezer and as silly as it might sound those signs really made me stop and think about whether I really wanted to eat something.  It didn't always work because the impulse part of my brain would over-ride everything and say "of course you want that lovely cream puff or ice-cream, or that entire packet of Tim Tams!" .

I continued to have a glass of wine when I got home from work; sometimes two if I'd had to be particularly nice to people at work that day.   On the weekends I was easier on myself when it came to eating the "good" stuff and I definitely had more than a couple of wines!

Now I have to come up with more rhymes to get me through 2010!   But, until then, what's for dinner tonight?  PIZZA!  

On Sunday I watched this shapely lady wobble along on stiletto heels – unfortunately they do not show up well in the photo,  nor does the wobble.

    They are walking towards a bus shelter which has an advertisement which I love even though I'm not sure what it is advertising: 

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  1. Yay, congratulations! That's some impressive weight loss, especially for the holiday season. I'm glad to know the signs worked. I've noticed that simple reminders work surprisingly well.
    Something must rhyme well with 2010.

  2. I've lost 6 kilos now as well! Figure I can squeeze out another 3 before Thailand. My goal is another 6 before my birthday. I'm sitting here at the moment drinking a can of smirnoff that has over 900 kilojoules in it. Its taken me three weeks to get enough spare kj's up my sleeve to have it.

  3. That's great – you must be feeling pretty good about yourself. I have never used signs to help me lose weight but I have kept a food diary before and that really helped me – knowing that I would have to write down all that I ate really made me stop and think about whether I really needed to eat it, and also made me think about what I was eating.. but then, if you're anything like me, you may start to think about it too much and it makes food not fun anymore.
    So now I try to go to the gym, which means I can eat crap occasionally.

  4. I've read some "inspirational" books (some of them quite good, like Martha Beck) and trust me, there are much sillier signs that some authors encourage people to put on the fridge!

  5. Well done Emjay. and unfortunately they do not show up well in the photo, nor does the wobble.

    I think I've got the "wobble" envisioned in my mind……now let me just check again…….Oh yeah……it's in there all right 🙂

  6. I think the idea of writing everything down would put me off even starting that program. It's the same with weighing out portions. Enjoy the faster metabolism now while you are young – once you hit middle age everything slows down……

  7. Thank you Kzinti. At first I was disappointed that it wasn't dropping off quickly but I hope that by doing it slowly and without huge changes to my diet/lifestyle, that it will stay off.

  8. They say if you change the little things, or the big things in little ways, they become habits easier. Once it's a habit, you don't think much about it when you do it. Speaking as someone who has a weight loss goal of 150 pounds, slow and steady will definitely win the race.

  9. Congratulations on the weight loss! You seem to be doing it the sensible way, if you cut out anything that's fun or enjoyable then it surely can't be sustainable. I'm going to give your signs a go and see if that stops me ferreting through the cupboards for chocolate….

  10. It helps to not actually buy chocolate. The manservant buys chocolates I don't like and then he also puts them at the back of a really high cupboard which requires me to get a step stool to get at it….. When desperate one can eat chocolate one does not particularly like even if it requires effort to get to it.

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