When I win the lottery

I want this house and car: 

Photo taken only half a mile from the depressing building made up of boxes……..

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  1. Love the Austin Healey in the drive way also the house looks nice but being me I would rather have a old stone house re assembled in a nice big country lot! But that is me. But Looks like a great place will you be having wine in the back yard

  2. My uncle restored an old Healey very similar to that one. For such a squat little thing it has a real elegance and style. That being said, if I win the lottery I'll probably buy something with a proper roof. But then I live in England 🙂

  3. Oh yes – a stone house in a paddock would be wonderful – I could do that if the lottery win was big enough that I didn't have to work ever again. I imagine the backyard here has a stone courtyard and a lovely black wrought iron table to have wine at.

  4. But then I live in England 🙂 LOL – winters here in DC can be pretty cold – I think I would need a proper roof about 5 months of the year. (plus the salt they put on the roads must play havoc on the underside).

  5. I want that house and car too! Very much. We have similar differences in our town, at one end there are the little council owned maisonettes but go a mile or so up to the posh end and you've got 6 bedroomed mansions in landscaped gardens, guarded by electric gates. It's most bizarre and also slightly depressing for those of us who don't live in the mansion end….

  6. LOL -at first I read your response as having council mansions! Yes, there are marked differences within just a few streets. Beautiful houses like this and around the corner is riddled with gang activity and Section 8 housing.

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