What I want to know is ….


With us all diligently slapping hand sanitizer on our hands to kill 99.99% of everything that might make us sick…..   where do all the killed germs  go?

These have nothing to do with dead things on hands – I just thought they were pretty.  Taken on walk around the neighbourhood next to ours on the weekend:  


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  1. Old germs don't die they just mutate! funny how we were more healthier when we were young where as all these kids now are living in 99,99% germ free environment and small sicknesses hit them very hard???? Remember going camping and eating food with dirt and ashes in it and enjoyed it! Love them photos of yours although I would hate to run my hand on the fence of the last photo

  2. Damn…Snowy beat me to it again. One day I am going to be as quick off the mark as he is, but I've got a lot of practice to do yet.:-)Love the picture of the cute verandah.

  3. It's a wonder how we survived as kids without antibacterial handwash and surface cleaner….
    Lovely pictures, the cactus looks amazing, you never see them as big as that over here.

  4. Love the fountain and the irises (um, lilies? Obviously don't know my garden plants). Now that's a yard I could live with! 😀
    The germs slough off with the soap I think, like dead skin cells. The even bigger question is what do our immune systems do when they're out of work. Some people think the system goes into autoimmune-disease mode.

  5. Yes! We did seem healthier when we played in the dirt and ate mysterious bugs. In my photo program (Canon) the photos did not look as washed out as they looked when I uploaded them. Yeah – I wonder how many kids get prickles in their fingers.

  6. I was surprised to find the cactus – I wonder what happens to it in the snow and ice.. I imaged succulents not doing very well in this climate. We were tougher than today's kids. 🙂

  7. I think those are petunias …… I'm pretty hopeless at identifying flowers – anything I plant I have to leave the little card in the garden so I know what they are. Yes – you would think our immune systems might change if they don't have to do what they were developed to do. I do try to use good old fashioned soap and water as often as possible.

  8. Clean hands are probably the most important public health initiative in human history. But I reckon that we all need a bit of everything to function properly, otherwise how else would our bodies fight whatever tiny bit of infection that we may come into contact with? The number of kids these days with allergies and reactions to all sorts of everyday things are probably symptomatic that they're growing up with lesser abilities to fight infection than preceding generations.

  9. They look so pretty, but yeah, don't touch because they are full of awful, evil and nasty germs that will kill you dead. At least if you don't use and anti-bacterial clorox disinfecting wipe before and after handling. Ugh. When we were kids, we used to eat dirt, rocks, worms, whatever and we aren't dead, yet. Also, I never personally ate a worm, but I know several people who did. Witnessed it even.

  10. Perhaps they are less able to fight because we have over-used all these anti-bacterial agents killing off the weak but leaving the stronger germs to survive and reproduce even stronger bugs….. We also molly-coddle kids much more today……

  11. LOL – my son used to enjoy the occasional snail. We had lead paint in our house and asbestos all over our schools, we sprayed DDT over the crops on our farm and shattered glass at the bottom of the slippery dip…..

  12. Molly-Coddle. Love it. Definitely. When kids got their rearends whipped, there wasn't any of this touchy feely stuff about "time out". You got a whuppin and knew exactly why.

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