So, what do we do for Halloween?   Well, we had some friends over after lunch, and now we sit here filled with dutch courage, waiting for the assault on our door.   

This is our second Halloween in the house.   Last year I bought candy though I didn't have any idea if kids actually braved the 'hood to come out trick or treating.   We got about 30 kids before we ran out of candy. 

This year I bought more of the nasty stuff (that just means that it is candy I will not eat – Reese's cups, tootsie rolls and some sort of Hershey multi-packs).    It is drizzling with rain;  I hope kids still come otherwise the manservant is going to be whacking on some weight – and that would be a horror!    🙂

Some of our neighbours have decorated their houses: 

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  1. Good old Halloween, but I can not eat up the extra candy anymore! we where hit with high winds and rain since yesterday so all the trees have no leaves and at 6pm tonight it was nice and sunny out so it should be good for the trick or treat-ers….. I had to go to town to get things today and was surprised at all the people out running around like crazy for last minute Halloween stuff, just like they would for Christmastime….. Take it easy and hope you get lots of kids

  2. Did it go well? We had some drizzle but it was positively balmy and tons of trick or treaters out. I love those decorations!!
    Aren't those candies nasty? We literally can't keep that stuff around the house because I go on binges and I get sugar toxin headaches. Butterfingers are especially gross.

  3. Reese's cups are one of my favorites! But our subdivision has no children, so we didn't expect trick or treaters, so we had no excuse to buy any. Indeed, no one knocked. Had quite a few in our old (our previous) neighborhood though. Things change, I guess.

  4. That's some serious halloween decorations … Who has the money to spend on these things? Fun to look at though 🙂
    We didn't get any trick or treaters, probably because we live in a massively student area. Still, part of me was expecting some freshers to try their luck…

  5. We had 8 lots of the little buggers. Last year we had over 20 so I overbought this year and am now left with truckloads of chocolate to eat. Sigh…
    Love the decorations your neighbours have put up, no one does that over here.

  6. The way to avoid the what-to-buy dilemna: After you buy a reasonable bag of assorted candy, 1)Send your kids trick or treating early, while it's still light and if anyone else has the same idea, you have your bag ready. 2) Have your kids, upon returning, sort out their candy and set aside their very favorite 3) Hand out the rest. Yeah?

  7. I suppose diabetic candy is not very nice….. we got about 8 or 9 groups of kids some of them were only about 3 years old and so cute. It did drizzle all night though so there were some pretty drenched little kids out there.

  8. It went really well – just the right amount of candy. The manservant has a few to get through. I only ever buy lollies that I don't like otherwise I eat all of them myself – which is bad in so many ways! I am surprised that the decorations are not vandalized.

  9. There were some really over the top decorations in a couple of ritzier areas of town – really amazing scenes. If you ever stop working so much you might get here ……… 🙂

  10. We used to live in an apartment block and children were not allowed to knock on doors there – I was sort of disappointed my first year there as I was looking forward to it.

  11. LOL – I'm surprised the freshers didn't try their luck too! Yep – they must cost heaps – and soon they will take them down and put Christmas ones up! I have different priorities for my money.

  12. I agree GOF that it is not part of Australian culture. There is something heart-warming though to see the little kids dressed up and so excited about it here – though that's probably all the sugar! I was down to my last pack of TimTams when a young Aussie came to work in my company and I invited him over for dinner. He seemed so homesick that I sent him out with that last packet! (yes I was sorry when I woke up the next morning!)

  13. There were amazing decorations in the posher side of town. This week the shops will move this stuff off the shelves and bring the chrissie decorations in! I hope you have nice chocolate if you are going to have to eat it.

  14. LOL – I have heard others follow the same plan as you. We had one woman arrive with 3 or 4 kids and tell me she should get some as she had to walk with the kids; and then after I'd put a few in her bag she held out another bag and said she had a sick child at home! She probably had a candy stall at the markets which I helped stock!!

  15. We didn't get any teenagers just really cute kids – some really young. At least no-one fell off the stupid little "platform" we have at the front door this year. Last year a little kid fell into my azalea bush! The storm door opens outwards and there is no-where to stand unless you go back down a step (it's a silly design).

  16. I saw a couple of houses decorated for Halloween (or rather, their front yards were decorated) and I was sure American families must live there since Australians really don't do Halloween decorating, although in some neighbourhoods the kids go trick or treating.

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