Wow! ….


Who would've thought that a post on matching shoes to a dress would garner such interest but then I never thought choosing between the two pairs was going to be so difficult until I put them on!   

By posting my question here I thought there would be a clear "winner"  but the numbers are so close:- 

Silver: 12  Black: 10   (Either: 3)

I checked the information on returning a pair and it says that as long as I have the original packaging (and the shoes are not worn), I can return them anytime within 365 days.

Well, at the rate I am dithering around I will be carting both pairs to Australia and making a last minute on-the-day decision. 

I must put the boxes and receipt in a "safe place"……   

Photo taken at Howard University.

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16 responses

  1. LOL – a few years ago I went to a formal evening with odd shoes on! I had put one of each on to test them with the length of the evening dress and comfort factor and thought I would walk around a while and then decide. Well, I walked around for so long I went to the event without changing. At some stage during the evening someone complimented me on my "shoe" and when I looked down I realised I had odd ones on – one crocodile print and one suede! At least they were both black!

  2. LOL GOF!! A man's perspective is always appreciated. You might note that PeteGraham was the only guy brave enough to enter the fray! I shall expect input when I come up with a handbag selection …..

  3. I always get loads of advice when I ask for it. It's wonderful.Silver won by a slim margin, eh? That's great. I have a pair of Keen sandals that I want to return – I'm going to have to move furniture to find that receipt, probably.

  4. I asked a few ladies at work also and found that silver had a slight margin like 4 to 3. I have boots and walking shoes by Keen – I love them because they have that roomy "toe box" (I think that's what it's called).

  5. i was thinking you should put off the decision as long as possible. love the 365 days option!btw: I had a very similar problem when I bought a multi-purple dress and spring wedding. I have no memory of what I ended up picking for shoes… just that I hated everything cause I couldn't find anything "just right".

  6. I never know where the bill was put on most things and usually I end up giving things away but you never know you might find a perfect dress to wear with the other shoes if you really look, man have it so much easier on what to wear and still we can easily get it wrong!

  7. You scare me with the words "put it in a safe place". That's how I lose most things that I lose…
    I liked both pairs of shoes, but didn't weigh in with an opinion because my brain isn't firing on all cylinders and I likely would have said, "The ruby slippers! Pick the ruby slippers!" LOL

  8. LOL – the ruby slippers would've really been something! Yes I put things in a "safe" place all the time and then never find them again – LOL – that graffiti on the door totally summed up my safe place.

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