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In about 7 weeks time I am going to be a Mother-of-the-Groom.  Now, while I realise this position is not as important as Mother-of-the-Bride, or even the Bride herself, I will be on display more than I'm used to and, as such, open to some fashion critique. 

So ….  I bought the dress – tea length;  slip style:  

Then it was shoes….  I found some on that I liked and bought a pair in black and a pair in silver intending to choose between them and return the unsuitable pair. 

So,  this evening I came home from work with the shoes.   I put the dress on and put a black shoe on one foot and a silver shoe on the other.  

I called the manservant in to help with the decision… ….   So,  how helpful was he? 

"Oh, how lovely you will look"  Blah, blah, blah.. (He said all the right things to say to a wife)

Me:   Really?    Can't you see that I have odd shoes on? 

MS:  Oh, well, I was looking at the dress.

Me:  I told you that the exercise is to choose the shoes!

MS:  Oh well the silver one looks goofy. 

Me:  Goofy??  Goofy??  What do you mean goofy? What sort of word is goofy to describe a shoe?   If I thought it was goofy I wouldn't have to make a choice! 

Manservant backing out the door –   "Oh". 

Me:   I wish there was a girl living here!   


So, let's see if you can be more helpful.  

I happen to like both but only want to keep one pair. The dress does have a bit of silver thread through it which doesn't show up in the photo.  I would probably get more future use out of the black pair.  Keep in mind that I will also have very white ankles and feet by December – but I will have a lovely pedicure! 

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73 responses

  1. What a GORGEOUS dress!Based on these photos, I vote for the silver, which look more festive to me and look best with the dress color (to my eyes) They would also show off a lovely pedicure a bit more!That said, the black would certainly "go", and might be more practical for further use.

  2. The dress is beautiful! When I enlarged the photo I could really see all the pretty silver shining through in the dress. I think the silver shoes would be beautiful with the dress!

  3. Lovely Dress^_^ I was imagining myself wearing it and i think that black shoes would match it best. Dark colored shoes always look elegant in any dress , i think. Matching colors is always important, so I wud choose black one♥. And my friends, chose the same ♥Black♥ !!! Good Luck !

  4. I am somewhat undecided. If the festivities will go into the evening I think the silver would be more festive, especially with the holiday season approaching in the next couple of months, but you can't go wrong with the black.

  5. This is a tough one. both pairs of shoes are lovely and just the right design for the dress. The dress is ideal for a December wedding. I don't know your personality, are you more conservative and wanting to fit in or do you have a bit of a wild streak? If it is the conservative, then you will be more comfortable in the black. They call it basic black for a reason. But if you are a kick up your heels and pay a bit of attention to me type gal, then I would definitely say you will like the silver best come wedding day. If you're worried about white legs, you can do a spray on tan ahead of time. I wore silver shoes to my son's wedding. Spring wedding, in the mountains, copper dress with silver highlights. I vote for the silver. Especially in December, silver is lovely.

  6. maybe you could model for us, like your did your hubby… just a knee to feet shot.otherwise, ideally, a dark silver or steel grey. but lacking that, black. the
    silver pair is too bright in these photos – so they might be in wedding
    photos too.

  7. I think either would work, as evidenced by the split in the voting so far, but personally I would go for the black because I'd want people looking more at the dress and less at my feet and I always think you only where a light colored shoe with a light colored outfit. I'd keep the bling bling nearer your face and neck with silver or sparkly jewelry.

  8. Both pairs are lovely. The silver one stands out in the pictures, but I think the overall effect really depends on your personality and look (e.g. hair color). But what I really want to say is congratulations!

  9. I think either would be fine but I would go with the black. I enlarged the photo and in addition to the diamondlike bling on the shoe, it also seems to have a bit of shimmer to it, and if you would actually wear them in the future, then by all means go with the black. Who needs another pair of wedding shoes they'll never wear again? Bottom line, it really doesn't matter (since both are good, and you won't be under scrutiny like The First Lady!), so go with the practical, because they are still fancy. I think maybe dark is better for winter too. The color of that dress is gorgeous.

  10. Since the only functions the mother of the groom is supposed to perform are to wear beige and keep her mouth shut I'm going to go with the most definitely understated black. Don't get me wrong, I like the silver shoes, but I think the black ones will look better with this dress anyway. Although a purple that matches the dress would be dead on perfect.

  11. I'd go for the silver, in my opinion they lighten the dress and lift it a bit, plus they are lovely and festive and they pick up the silver threads. You'd be surprised how much use you can get out of a pair of silver shoes as well, I wear mine with both of my blue dresses, my racing green one, my black one and my sea green one. Plus they look fab with trousers.

  12. Well, Emjay, I'm voting for the black. However, I'm usually anti-"any metallic color shoe" (or white shoes, for that matter). Is that weird?The dress is quite lovely. I'm sure you'll look fantastic whichever shoes you pick!

  13. Wow! Who knew picking a pair of shoes would create so much interest? I'm going to vote for silver. The black is just too old and boring. Now if you had a nice purple that matched the dress… Go for the silver. We go through life trying to be safe and traditional, etc. when we never know what tomorrow may bring. Spray on a fake tan, gets those nails painted in purple, and go for the silver! BTW, I really love the dress!

  14. Beautiful dress–I'm leaning to black, but I'm totally boring–what I really want to know, and I was laying in bed in the middle of the night wondering this, since we seem to have started a diet at the same time with similar initial results–do you still Remember December? That's honest to goodness what I got on here to ask you, and here's proof you do! Personally, my diet is non-existent at this point.

  15. Haaa! That husband – wife conversation sounds soooo familiar. It's like, pay attention, honey! LOL. J has the philosophy that "yes dear" is always the best answer. 🙂
    I like the silver better. The black ones are more practical but not as pretty from what I can tell. I guess it depends on what your goal is. The silver are more whimsical and less practical but more fun.

  16. Oooh – I love the sound of your copper dress with silver highlights matched with silver shoes – I'm sure you looked gorgeous. That's a good idea about the spray on tan – I hadn't thought of that.

  17. That's a great point about the photos! I think they look bright here because I'm close to them with the camera – hopefully no photographer will be that close to me. That's also a good suggestion re the steel grey – I couldn't find a style that I liked though. I like these because they are fairly low and I should be able to stand for ages in them.

  18. It is funny how the "voting" is almost half/half. I asked a few ladies at work today and also found the vote was half/half. LOL – I haven't even started to think about the jewelry yet – that will be a whole other "drama"…..

  19. I was so happy with the dress – I bought it online and was a bit anxious as to what it would be like. LOL – I still have a pair of wedding shoes and the dress from my first wedding more than a quarter century ago!

  20. LOL – I'm in big trouble then as I am not really the closed-mouth beige sort! I did have a quick look for shoes in the colour of the dress but the ones I saw were a little too purple-ish – and I couldn't be bothered dye-ing shoes myself.

  21. And I too had an awesome pedicure, with the flowers and little jewels on my big toenails. Unfortunately, the pedicure lasted longer than the marriage. But what can you do?

  22. Don't be! All my dresses except the divine sequinned black strapless dress and the full length flowing dress are at least three years old. They were bought for weddings because we had two years where virtually everyone we knew got married and so I ended up with a fair few dresses. All I need now is occassions to wear them….
    Silver shoes are really versatile because silver goes with virtually everything and can be used to lift an outfit that might otherwise seem a little dark. Team them with a silver bag and a silver hairgrip and it looks fab!

  23. I've not read anyone else's comments on here because I wouldn't want my opinion to be swayed. I'm normally pretty good at picking out matching stuff which I know is unusual for a bloke, but it's what I would like to see if I was meeting that person for the first time. Silver shoes, but that's based on not seeing a bag. I'd try and get a bag to match the silver shoes as well.
    Most importantly though, congratulations to your family, and I wish them all every success and happiness in the future 🙂

  24. black are just too reasonable – that is wonderful Nikki…. I think most people would expect to see me in the black so maybe I will surprise them all with the silver.

  25. I hate white shoes too! I think the last time I wore white shoes was sometime in the '70's and I had "nearly" black hose on with them! LOL. If I select the silver it will be the first metallic pair I've owned.

  26. Thank you Red Pen. I was actually only going to buy black but then I saw there was a silver choice as well and thought it might look nice – so I set myself up for this dilemma.

  27. You are a brave man PG – the only male brave enough to enter the fray. I am so glad that you do not think the silver shoe is "goofy" like the man in my life thought. The bag will be the next shopping expedition….
    Thank you for the congrats – he will be the first of my kids to get married so it is really quite exciting.

  28. LOL – see it's hard! I wish I'd never given myself the choice. I was only going to buy black but then someone suggested trying a silver and here I am with a problem!

  29. I am more than comfortable enough with who I am to be able to comment on stuff like that. And I like knowing I am the only man ballsy enough to comment – well, other than Astro – he is (or was) ballsier than me to make a comment like that!
    I'm really chuffed for your son, and more so for you – ensure the Best Man looks after you properly that night. I never left Paul's mum without a drink as was my duty 😉

  30. Oooh – I hadn't thought of a purple hat LOL… I am of the age where I could belong to the Purple Hat Society. You are right about us spending our lives being "safe" when we should mix things up occasionally.

  31. LOL – I'm in big trouble then as I am not really the closed-mouth beige sort! Neither am I! 8:-)I did have a quick look for shoes in the colour of the dress but the ones I saw were a little too purple-ish – and I couldn't be bothered dye-ing shoes myself. You don't have to dye shoes yourself. The store will take care of that for you. It used to be that most any shoe store could handle the job, but these days you may have to go to a bridal shop to find the shoes and have them dyed. (Just for future reference.)

  32. LOL – I wonder about some weird things in the middle of the night too! Actually I still have a couple of the Remember December signs in my kitchen and they have been surprisingly effective in stopping me reaching for anything good. I have lost 12 lbs now with really only watching what I eat rather than extra exercise. The dress will still fit nicely if I manage to lose a few more pounds but will not look so good if I gain any so that is added motivation for the next 7 weeks.

  33. LOL – it's still tough even with all these wonderful suggestions – you wouldn't think it would be so hard to decide but I think silver has a slight lead. Yep – bag and jewelry decisions next….. (though I think I might bypass the manservant when choosing these!).

  34. LOL – I think men have a tough time trying to come up with the right thing to say. If they are too honest we get upset and if they neglect to tell us we look "bigger" in an outfit we also get upset. They are almost in a no-win position. I couldn't believe that he didn't notice at all that the shoes were odd though!
    whimsical is a great word!

  35. I had a period like that in my mid-late 20's – though I'm sure I wore the same dress to a few of the weddings. And the bridesmaid at my own wedding (I only had one b/m) wore the same dress that she had worn as a bridesmaid to another friend of ours! LOL – we were poor & practical.

  36. Thank you re the colour of the dress – it really is gorgeous. LOL – yeah I was quite offended that he thought the silver was "goofy" – it's such a weird word to apply to a dress shoe but what can you expect from a scientist! <grins>

  37. Astro – he is (or was) ballsier than me to make a comment like that! LOL – he really wasn't thinking very far ahead was he !! 🙂 That's good advice re the best man – I will make sure he knows what his duties are!

  38. Never ask a guy what the hell do we know and as for the word goofy is not that a dog who wears clothing and drives a car??There is not enough silver in the classic black dress unless you had an accessory to ad to balance out the silver shoes

  39. Actually, with that dress, the black would probably let the dress speak out more. If you wore the silver, it would detract from the dress, because it would draw more attention to the shoes than the dress. So, my vote is for the black, unless you are looking to make it all about the shoes, in which case, go silver.

  40. They are both great shoes I can see your issue but I am a bit on the practical side. I would say which pair would you wear more often with the clothes you have and that is how I would choose.

  41. SILVER! I imagine you to be little and skinny and pretty and dear AND it is Spring in Austrailia! Go for the silver ones! Make a statement. (Oh and please takes LOTS of pictures because I will be living vicariously through you. I'll never make it to Austrailia. )
    Denise 😉

  42. the silver one looks goofy.actually … I'd go with black … there's always the odd chance that the silver shoe would work like a mirror and allow everyone to see up your dress. of course, if that's the attention your looking for – go for it.and – -how the hell do you order shoes online? how do you get your foot through the pc screen for the salesman to measure? how many other people have worn and returned the shoes you are putting on your feet?

  43. You and the manservant are in big trouble! LOL – the mirrored up-dress look… and perhaps sticking my foot through my screen to be measured is what broke my laptop!

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