A case of missing paper


The other day I noticed that the new roll of toilet paper was not filling the spindle of the holder as usual.  Mmm – perhaps I had a defective squished roll…  but no,  a check of every roll in the two new 6-pack bags of Quilted Northern Bath Tissue showed they were all the same squat size.   Feeling rather annoyed now I tracked down a few old rolls in the spare bathroom and discovered this: 

 Less paper!  Also, the roll looks sort of silly on the standard size holder with all this spare space to slip back & forth on.   And …  I know it did not get any cheaper!

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  1. The last time I bought TP, I stood in the store looking at the double rolls, totally confused because they looked MUCH smaller than normal. Like single rolls. Didn't even occur to me that they might be narrower.In converse news: The reason FritoLay (and other) products are all appearing with "20% more / same price" is because they quietly reduced sizes awhile back and are now restoring the original amounts.

  2. Yes, it's going on in a lot of things. What used to be 16 ounces is now 14 or 12.5. But, still selling for the same price. Looking at how they make TP, I would guess this gives them another couple of rolls per spindle, which equates to more revenue, small amounts really, but when you are talking millions of people purchasing and using it, definitely fat money in your pocket.

  3. Nice one, Emjay. I'm sure you and Mrs Snowy could have quite a heart to heart chat on her favourite annoyance. Like the time not so long ago they reduced the size of a jar of Vegemite, and kept it at the same price! I had to pacify her with several white wines. I even treated her to my expensive $2.50 a bottle Chardonnay, instead of her $2 a bottle one.

  4. It is true everywhere. For example in France they reduce the content of the Oil olive bottle but they work the shape of the bottle for giving the aspect of the standard one ! In France why have an expression for that : "Noyer le poisson" meaning mislaid the consumer

  5. askjf;alksjfajsfdlj (if it was my blog, I would swear – but it's not, so I type incoherently instead)
    I knew they downsized food items but toilet paper? That is so pathetic.
    Good eye!

  6. Same thing here in Germany. Until some months ago we had standard sizes for certain products. Now this is abolished, companies are trying to fool consumers with deceptive packaging. "Noyer le poisson" – I've heard the expression before, but never knew, what it meant. 🙂

  7. Try Costco. Since I switched to their brand 8 years ago, I have never once been through the dismay of a tp roll disappearing practically overnight. It lasts longer than all the rest. Granted, you have to buy it in bulk but it is more than worth it.

  8. I have also thought they don't look so thick anymore. I just checked on Peapod (where I get my groceries) and they used to be 300 sheets – now they are 286 sheets! So not only narrower but also less – 14 is a strange number to reduce something by.

  9. A few years ago I contacted Dannon when they reduced the size of my yogurt by a couple of ounces. That's exactly what they did – sent lots of coupons for various products. As I am still eating the reduced size yogurt I guess in the long run our buying habits do not change much.

  10. Yes, it does piss me off…. I think I might look at some other brands of TP. This was the first brand I bought when I came here and I don't think I've ever tried anything different. This might be the catalyst.

  11. Yep toilet paper is one of those "essential" items people will always buy. When the price of lamb became ridiculous we stopped buying it; ditto a lot of other things. I can't see myself giving up toilet paper – though I am going to investigate other brands now… I also found out today that their rolls are now 14 sheets fewer than they used to be – 286 now instead of 300.

  12. They did that to Vegemite?? Oh that's just not on!! You are the last of the big spenders Snowy – I'm sure Mrs Snowy was really touched by your gesture with the wine …..

  13. I saw something in new packaging recently which actually had written that it contained the same volume as previously – I've been trying to remember what it was……..

  14. i used to buy Charmin till it started being full of fluffy bits in the package and pretty much disintegrated upon attempted use. i don't know what they changed but it was horrible and i switched to Quilted Northern. Then Charmin started running ads for their new "doesn't flake" TP and it really pissed me off (hahahaha) because they were the very brand that created the problem.

  15. I'm with Karen–I buy Costco brand toilet paper–it seems to last longer than others–maybe just because it comes in 6000 roll packs, I don't know! But we do wipe twenty-odd behinds a day around here, so that's saying something.

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