Sunday Stroll – Education Edition


This morning we walked down to Howard University and for the first time actually walked in and around some of the grounds.      

On the way is the E.L. Haynes Public Charter school (classes Pre K – Year 8)  – sandwiched between a liquor store and a strip club …  the students are sure to be well schooled in some essential life skills.  When building permits were being sought there was some public concern over its proximity to the strip joint  – but then people realised that the "trading"  hours of both would not overlap and everyone relaxed. 

  When we got to Howard University there was not much indication of Autumn in the trees yet and the campus was very quiet:


From a manicured lawn it is a lovely view to the library. The "scroll" inscription on the building says:     Books are voices from past ages  Records of the present  Heralds of the future  Torches to the unenlightened  Common bond of cultured men  Trusted friends  Developing the mind  Restoring the spirit  Enter thou into this company and seek truth: 

Chemistry building and Radio dish -  (probably not for looking for aliens)

Engineering building:

A  little bit of street art – this was on the sidewalk outside the university: 

Walking home along a stretch of Georgia Avenue there was just a hint of the color of autumn: 

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  1. Thank you Karen – it was the perfect morning for a stroll here; the sky was so blue and temps in the 60's. The campus was so deserted though – there was only us and a couple of campus police. I guess the students were still in bed……

  2. I am surprised that the let it alone even the proximity of those two things to school I have heard and seen places closed even though the two never meet and it is always the school that wins out where are these young pups going to get educated and where are the girls going to come up with tuition thankfully they will be able to do that there! Love that out door pound and buildings

  3. The campus buildings are lovely, here in the UK a lot of our campus buildings are hideous 60s monstrosities. Don't get me wrong, some are beautiful but they are outnumbered by concrete creations.

  4. I love school campus's. Those pictures made me homesick for education. I want to be inside those buildings and a part of that campus. The school I went to for nursing was situated in downtown Los Angeles, the parking was under the freeway, and there was not a tree or blade of grass anywhere. The only good thing was there was a culinary program so the cafeteria food tasted like a fancy restaurant.

  5. Nice pictures! I love the morning light. I can't imagine what it must be like to go to a school sandwiched between a liquor store and a strip club. What kind of subliminal message one must be receiving?

  6. I'm really glad that I am on your list of neighbors! You share so much that I would never get to experience. Although I have been to D.C. lots of times I would never get to walk the neighborhoods that you share. So, even if I don't comment everyday, know that I am tip toeing around your blog going, "wow, amazing, no kidding!" Thank You!
    Denise 😉

  7. Thank you Amy Sue. Yes the weather has been glorious ….. but we are only in the 50's today and I think the weatherman just said it was going to be 70 tomorrow!! No wonder the trees are confused.

  8. I know – isn't that amazing! They were there first though so perhaps that makes a difference. I think if the school had already been there the other "businesses" might have had trouble getting permits to build. I feel a bit sorry for the kids though – their playground is up on the roof with a huge fence to prevent anyone falling over the edge. I think they get taken to the rec centre park each day too – about 2 blocks away.

  9. I love that library sculpture. Wonderful photographs, inscription as well. J seems baffled that I like to photograph signs. I think you get why.
    Love the school placement. Is that what they consider extracurricular activities?

  10. Yeah – there are some pretty awful uni buildings in Australia too – I went to Macquarie Uni which opened late 60's. The buildings are plain but the grounds are really beautiful. On the other hand, Sydney uni was established in 1850 and has really lovely old buildings.

  11. My son went to a Uni in Sydney which sounds like your LA one – lots of cement. Here in the DC Metro area there seems to be a metro (train) station near each uni which certainly makes them easy to get to. I'm not sure about the quality of the food LOL – though I imagine that would be important when one first leaves home.

  12. Thank you Ishtar. I would hate my children to have gone to a school in such a location. There are always drunk/homeless men hanging around the liquor store entrance that the children must walk through or around in the afternoons.

  13. I photograph many signs – even today I was photographing real estate signs which amused me. LOL – extra curricular activities ……… perhaps students of Economics have ready made case studies.

  14. Thanks for sharing. Nice photographs. I guess this problem is not only India, as I was assuming — placement of schools. We don't see much of strip clubs out here, but yes liquor shops which are open during day hours as well. Thanks to the people in the neighborhood. They always protest and make sure such shops are either removed or moved to some other place. But the people have to go through this phase since, liquor shops keep emerging every Monday morning.

  15. Thank you Flowergirl. It's a strange world isn't it.. I have a bigger problem with the liquor store as it seems to really attract already drunk customers standing around on the footpath from open to closing time – and this is when the school kids are around. I find it intimidating walking past there so I can't imagine what it must be like for children.

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