Next spring..

                                these will be beautiful. 

Thanks to a Vox neighbour who swapped some of her Iris bulbs for some of my Peony ones. 

Last week I shipped off some peony tubers by United States Postal Service using the mailroom at work.  I'm pretty sure the mailman thought I was shipping a box of dirt as granules were coming out every pore of cardboard when he picked it up.

Yesterday the mailman could not resist asking about it as he handed me a box with dirt dripping from the bottom.   I told him that I had swapped some DC soil for some country loam from Missouri.    I think I confirmed for him that I am one weird foreigner!

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  1. I'm here in Missouri and all we have is clay…'s horrible. It's even hard to grow grass. Up by the house where I've spread pounds and pounds of mulch over the years the soil is really rich from the broken down mulch. The weeds really love it.

  2. Yes weirdness is everywhere. My USPS mailman is fairly convinced though that all Aussies are like the crocodile hunter (Steve Erwin) or crocodile Dundee (Paul Hogan) that the women are all "sheilas" ; that it is a land of deadly creatures (ok that's true) and that kangaroos reign the city streets. Now he assumes that we think it is normal to swap dirt.

  3. Yes – it's like a swap meet without leaving home. Iris always remind me of my mother who used to do wonderful floral arrangements with them. I am looking forward to getting them in the ground.

  4. Actually, I'm not sure.. there were some "mystery" bulbs in the box too so I'm really looking forward to getting everything in the ground and seeing what comes up.

  5. We have truly horrible soil here. Although it's much better where the mulch has composted, I don't grow a lot because the deer eat everything that's not wrapped in nylon netting.

  6. Last year squirrels and a raccoon ate a lot of my tomatoes and strawberries. This year I had zillions of pots of chilllies around everything and never saw a predator in my yard at all!

  7. A couple years ago I sprayed a preparation spiked with really hot chillie powder, thinking that would keep the deer away, but it actually tipped them of to the really good stuff.

  8. May be as you know we have an heritage coming from Romans. And our actual South neighbourghood is Italy and it is well known that Italian language sound like a music !Looking forward too for the photographies of the famous Iris blossoms.

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