New Friends….


The other afternoon I came home to find new friends hanging out on the deck.  Both of them have been around for awhile but have never stayed for a photoshoot before.  

This one is taken through the glass and screen doors – hence the slight vaseline-on-the lens look: 

As soon as I opened the door the white one scurried off while the ginger one hid his face but monitored everything I did while pretending he couldn't see me.  He looks as though he has a collar on but it is just the angle of his head and shadow. 

I just wish one of them would like to come inside and catch the mouse!! 

Where do strays go in winter? 

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  1. I don't know where they go, but I do hope it's somewhere safe and warm!
    I saw a ginger cat myself this morning; it was bored with me very quickly. A cat's look of boredom is one of the most sublime expressions in the animal kingdom.

  2. Aww. I'm a sucker for cats. They look well fed, so that's good (maybe someone is leaving them food or there's good scavenging in the neighborhood). I hope they have a good shelter for when it gets really cold.

  3. They go into the homeless tummy's BBQ they are stringy but high in protein! Yes it is just too bad cats did not roam around from house to house doing the odd extermination job for a bit of kibble and a rub on the head!

  4. It's funny but we have two in our backyard too! And one of them is also ginger. Seeing them makes me think of the title of the Mary Gaitskill novel, "Two Girls, Fat and Thin." The ginger one is the fat one, the other is a just a kitten. They don't always come together, but when they do the big one is always chasing after the little one. I'm not sure if it's a game or not. Their main goal is to climb the tree in the yard. Our neighbors' little girl likes to feed them on their porch. They aren't strays, just roamers.

  5. Handsome chaps aren't they? Why is it that in the human world, ginger is fairly unusual but in the cat world, ginger is everywhere? It's one of life's great unanswered questions…

  6. Cats have been fascinating me lately. The white one above looks like a porcelain cat, sitting in an ornamental manner. Perfect figure!
    I did not know that vaseline effect. Thank you for a new knowledge.

  7. Awww! Adorable photos. How funny, I wonder if they're buddies….
    Sadly lots of outdoor cats die of hypothermia during the winter. Until then they take up shelter wherever they can (can you spot the cat? LOL)
    I went to a few websites years ago and we built a cardboard stray cat shelter. It stayed really warm. Later on we bought a small-dog igloo and we put old fleece jackets inside. The strays seem to love it.

  8. I think the camera has added weight to them…. I saw the white one out in the alley tonight – it's pretty lean. I don't mind having them around if they keep the rodents out …..

  9. Tonight when I went out to bring the rubbish bins in the white one was dragging a rat (or big mouse) along the alley. I was careful not to make any noise until it had walked on by with its dinner. I didn't relish picking up a dropped dead rodent!

  10. He does look very regal in that pose and certainly like a china cat you could put on the mantel. Vaseline is used on lens to soften wrinkles etc – I wouldn't like to try to get it off my camera though! I think almost the same effect might be gained by putting plastic wrap over your lens and certainly not as messy!

  11. Oh – that poor little cat out in the snow! These two are very skittish – if they are down in the courtyard they will sit and listen while I talk to them but the instant I move they run off. Although we have a deck it is not really weatherproof so a cardboard box would get wet/soggy etc. I will keep my eye open for a wooden crate or something similar… which would be a little more weatherproof.

  12. There is a seemingly never ending supply of rodents in the alleyways for them to feed on. Plus scraps from fast food places not far away. I think it would be hard for a stray to starve around me – they might find it tougher once the weather cools down though.

  13. Margy brings up a good point….where I live it's not uncommon for people to declare their companions to be "outdoor cats", meaning they basically get locked out of the house for good. They feed "their" cats and expect loyalty but don't give a hoot about the poisoning, car hits, leukemia viruses, etc. that eventually befall "their" cats.
    ps Emjay congrats for making the Life is Good page.

  14. I belong to a ListServe for my neighbourhood and the day after I posted this there was a post about stray cats and how some woman got a few from a shelter and then "dumped" them in our area. She apparently comes around near sunset and drops food off for them! A few people have seen her doing it and were asking us to take rego details if we see her. Very weird.

  15. Thank you re the Life is Good page – I didn't know! I'm not sure what to think about the cats – last evening we saw a young black one that we had not seen before. Then we heard awful screeching as a cat fight began. We have also been asked to keep a look out for a woman who "rescues" from various shelters and then (allegedly) dumps them in our alleys but comes back each evening dropping food off for them.

  16. OMG, that's horrible! I wonder if the shelters know. In the shelter where I worked, the adopter contract said that the adopters had to bring back any animals that they no longer wanted to care for.
    I bet the shelters would be willing to take in those cats if they were originally theirs.

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