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In June 2007 the manservant gave me an early birthday present:  a Canon PowerShot SD850….

This little camera has just taken its 9999th shot and rolled back over to 0001. 

What was the first shot ever taken?   Well, I went back looking for it and either my counter started at 2 the first time (unlikely) or 0001 was deleted immediately, because the first photo in my photos folder is 0002. It's an ugly one of my left foot which normally looked more attractive!  (Little did it know at the time that it was going to feature often a year later in a much more unattractive state!).

After a few photos of the blog-shy manservant, I turned to flowers with the 8th shot

The 9999th shot was a flower as I was recording the last of my roses for the season – it’s a shame that it's a little blurry!   I would’ve tried harder if I’d realised it was going to be a feature shot!  Of course the previous 5 are perfect but they are not 9999.

Staying with the flora theme the first in the new sequence is of one of my pepper plants.

This has been an incredibly reliable and tough little point & shoot camera – it is always in my bag. It has been dropped and wet, neither advised, and it has been turned on and off so often there is no “paint” left on the button.   It has snapped happy and sad events, beautiful and weird objects, the sober and the drunk.  It has digitally frozen innocent children and the fading smiles of elders no longer with us.

During its 2 years 3 months service it has travelled to Australia twice, to Italy and to London. It has looked up at Uluru (Ayer's Rock) and down on the Swiss Alps.  It has faithfully recorded our search for, and purchase of, a house;  my 5-month series of casts, the foot surgery and its recovery.  It chronicled a drug deal going down and subsequent smoking of the meth pipe.  And, it continues to document my interesting neighborhood and its gradual gentrification.

I wonder how many go-rounds these little cameras have!    I hope I have not just jinxed it!

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32 responses

  1. Haha! No rush on the book report. I'm usually about a week behind on neighborhood reading and commenting, but today am being particularly slackerly at work so I thought I'd jump right on in on this one. 😛

  2. I hadn't thought of that – maybe I will. It really is a hardy little thing.LOL – the foot was probably was the first thing I pointed the camera at whilst sitting on the couch. (I recognise the edge of the coffee table under it)

  3. I have this little brown stuffed monkey, like in the AT&T TV commercials, where the dad goes out of town and his daughter puts a stuffed monkey in his briefcase. He takes pictures of the monkey in front of all sort of places he goes and sends them to his daughter via his phone. Well, mine travels up front in the window of my truck or motorhome when we travel. He looks out the window at the passing scenery, waves to little kids in cars that go by and just generally has a good time sitting around in the sun on trips. LOL.

  4. Aaah – that is really cute. I don't see many commercials – disadvantage(??) of TiVo. I am reminded of seeing people out on the National Mall taking photos of Flat Stanley in front of the monuments.

  5. I am appreciative of the manservant giving you that camera.Over the last year you have provided us with many memorableexamples of photo journalism. Thanks for sharing your work.

  6. Thank you Nikki – with film I was always so careful of the number of shots I took so I could still afford to get them developed! No such worries with digital – except memory on the computer 🙂

  7. Ha LOL … I could lead you to the ones taken after the surgery but they are pretty icky….. ! I recorded the healing (not on Vox) – the progression was really interesting.

  8. Isn't it fun to share our pain and scars and incisions with our loved ones? I made all my kids look at my hysterectomy incision. I feel it's all a part of learning about life! 😀

  9. The same with me. Always calculating the development costs in the back of my mind. It's much more creative and playful, the digital way, knowing you'll simply delete the rubbish shots. Yeah! Digital photography, one of my favorite inventions. 🙂

  10. Haha, I wanted to add the internet to my favorite inventions in the comment above, but then thought, it was incoherent.Next thing I read is, this year's nobel prize for physics goes to the researchers, who explored the basic technology for the internet and digital cameras. Well deserved, in my humble opinion. 🙂

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