Well, after doing the washing yesterday and stressing (LOL) over those separated socks I decided I was not really in the frame of mind to make any further heavy decisions for the day.   I took to the couch with my book – The Woman from Shanghai: Tales of Survival from a Chinese Labor Camp by Xianhui Yang. 

Around lunch time I thought I would check to see what advice I was getting on my sock dilemma only to find that we didn't have internet.    Oh well, left on my own, I decided that a separation of an entire week would be too much for either of the pair to bear so I put the nice clean one back in the dirty basket. 

This school is not far from me….  their mural really appeals to us – though it is inside a locked gate and the camera has to be poked through a chain link fence:   

I hope the kids are taking notice of the message on their school wall: 

And at their front entrance:

I was definitely not feeling peaceable towards Comcast when there was still no internet as the sun went down!

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  1. …But my sock advice was so brilliant! LOL
    Comcast was not in our good graces recently. They're pretty outrageous. We had to beg them for weeks to get stuff fixed. Sheesh.
    Stunning mural! It seems like your area has a lot of nice ones.

  2. LOL – yes swearing always works! We had RCN (Starpower) for 7 years and only had a couple of problems and those were the result of storms. Two years here and we seem to have had 24 problems with Comcast! I think murals are used here to try to prevent graffiti – the thinking being if teens are involved in painting the mural they will not want to deface it. I took photos a couple of weeks ago of a lovely new mural made of tiles. One week later it had "tags" all over it!

  3. In our house, socks aer relegated to the sock drawer and are matched up only when you take a pair out. Which is why at the end of the wash cycle, when clothes are scarce, you may find seven different orphan socks.

  4. Some times you just have to be patient even though there is no real reason for it, although they have passed a law in the USA where providers can not cut down on the speed of your internet but this could be a way around that!!! JUST JOKING hope your up and going but some times it is such a pain to be without that it can almost be like being without power! Love the the signs and the mural but in the end the sock thing I just would throw bolt back in the wash to keep them together

  5. I have many wonderful mural photos – I'm trying to squeeze them in. I'm not sure if it is the "norm" to paint murals on school walls here in America but all the schools around me have them. The book is a series of 13 stories. It was originally published as fiction (to avoid Chinese censorship) but since the translation it comes with a foreward to each story giving some history. I am finding it more interesting, from an historic viewpoint, than enjoyable. There was some controversy about this cover which is pleasant and almost romantic whilst the subject matter is definitely not.

  6. I didn't know about that law…. I'm sure if there is a way around things the providers will find it. We don't download movies or stream much so our download should be relatively small compared to some who do. In Australia, my kids have a download limit with their provider and once that is reached that is that! My parents have a plan that allows downloads past their limit but the charges are really, really high for every Mb over their limit.

  7. Thank you for the book information. I noticed that about the cover; that's the kind of cover for which I would be tempted to buy a book regardless of the contents. Is it a sad kind of interesting or a hopeful kind of interesting?
    I get the impression that murals are common at schools in urban areas of the U.S. We have them here in Seattle, too. Also, many of the bus shelters are colorfully painted by schools and other community groups. They definitely add a visual lift to the surroundings.

  8. It is interesting in the "shocking" sense that it is about a period in Chinese history little known about (and still suppressed by the Government). The book is based on interviews with survivors of the labour camp and the dominant themes are starvation and death. I have found the stories so far "matter of fact" rather than emotional but they are horrific.

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