Between work,  work meetings after work, neighborhood coalition meetings and my seemingly on-going neck/shoulder "issue"  I am feeling a little wrecked this week – and it's not Friday yet  – even though I spent yesterday thinking it was going to be!

Saw this rego plate on Sunday – thought it was funny then … little did I realize I should have been using it as my own plea:

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  1. But Emjay, those adverts have been on TV here with those amazing pillows which strengthen and straighten your neck – surely you've seen them. Chiropractors the world over are quaking in their boots at a piece of foam that can fix all ills!
    Seriously though, I am sorry you are suffering. Wish there was something I could do with the pain for you.

    Oh, re the number plates – the UK sucks for that. Private plates usually are people's names made up of letters and numbers, FOR GOD'S SAKE IT'S A 4 NOT A FRICKIN A!!! I may get my son's name changed by deed poll to A5TON or A57ONJ then he can get a proper private plate…

  2. Great new avatar banner and other pic as far as wrecked we all get that way too many times we burn the candle at both ends and the body gets kicking up sounds like a good time for a hot bath with a glass of wine!

  3. Ha LOL …. I have one of those fancy, schmancy NASA-foam pillows – it is old though so maybe that is the problem. LOL @ changing your poor little baby's name just so he can get a vanity numberplate when he grows up. I see some pretty silly plates and some that I just don't understand no matter how many times I say them out loud! πŸ™‚

  4. No way! A NASA pillow?? Do you get a 5…4…3…2…1 countdown when your head hits it, then blast off into dreamland? Bet that rocket fuel is a bitch-scorching the bedsheets. Mr Emjay will be doing his nut if you singe his back πŸ˜‰

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