Metro Announcement of the week…


I get a lot of amusement from some of my metro announcements but this one has to rank as one of the funniest and strangest ones I've heard: 

As we pulled into my station last night the driver announced:  "Parents on the platform.  Please stop your children from running towards the approaching train".

As there were no little bumps,  I assume the message was heeded.

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  1. Yes my trips can be entertaining which makes them go a little faster – but occasionally something will go wrong and I will be late to work or late for dinner and then I don't find anything very amusing.

  2. Could you imagine the responsability of the Metro driver ?But what about the family and social responsability of parents ?In France it is the same situation which is called by the psychologists "L'enfant Roi" .

  3. Yes – our trains are being operated manually at the moment and some of them are driving into stations very carefully. I quite often see kids standing way too close to the edge of the platform – and parents not paying any attention.

  4. Yes indeed. I am horrified at how little attention some parents pay to their kids on the platforms. A number of times I have told children to move back when I've thought they are too close to the edge.

  5. LOL. I read once that some English train stations were playing classical music over their PA systems in an effort to keep "louts" from hanging around them. I never saw a follow up to see if it was working ……

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