Saturday wanderings …

Yesterday morning we headed off to pick up a rental car  by foot…..

Some time through the walk I noticed that the manservant had on odd socks.  Do you know you have one short sock and one long sock on?   "yes" …   why?   "because I think it's funny"   I'm glad the long was pushed down then!

We walked past happy flowers:

  And cheery houses: 

Mossy colours & mossy pots:  

Houses with pretty trim:

Zillion dollar houses: 

And a really long, long mural:  looking down: 

And looking back behind us: 

We walked through Rock Creek Park -  no pretty colours yet: 

We got to the final block where I saw this scribble on the window;  a shame they were not open because I could've done with a drink by this stage: 

The reason for the rental car?   So we could go to a party thrown by good friends of ours.  They were celebrating their 15th Wedding Anniversary and also that they both just completed Masters Degrees!   Yes, it might have started in the afternoon but it did not finish until well into the night;  a time when it is difficult to find a taxi willing to come & get us.   I was the dedicated designated driver so I did not make as much use of the bar-lady as "others"  did:  Here the manservant (or, at least his hand) is deciding what sort of drink he would like:

It was a great night  -  and, after our earlier trek, I deserved every bit of the scrumptious Turkish food I ate!   (As well as the funky melon cocktail and "few"  wines ……).

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  1. "I was the dedicated driver …" well, lovely to hear in this era of me-me-me inattentive drivers but doncha mean designated driver? Your 'hood's so colorful; reminds me quite a lot of the really nice area just up the road from me. (I'd post pics so you could see the similarities if I had a digital camera.)

  2. LOL – yes I do mean "designated" – but I was very dedicated at doing it! This walk is quite lovely – it's one of the ways the manservant walks to his office – though he walks another mile on from the rental place. I'm guessing the nice houses start 2 miles from me.

  3. Thank you RM – the houses in that particular stretch are all very nice. It was a wonderful party and a great achievement for both with the Masters. They have 4 year old twins so it's not been easy for both of them to be studying.

  4. Nice! Congrats to your friends, glad you had fun.
    It's funny, for as much rain as we've had (same as you probably) I've noticed some of our trees are turning a bit, but it looks more like they are just dying and dropping off rather than changing color gradually. I think they are just half drowned….
    Did they credit the wine quote to anyone? because Ben Franklin said the same thing about beer! 😉
    I know what you mean about the zillion dollar houses, we have some around here, and especially further out on The Main Line, I just shake my head and think…what do they need all that room for? How much does it cost to heat that place? who cleans it? What are their landscaping bills?! who shovels that half mile long driveway when it snows?

  5. Thanks Cranky. Yeah I was surprised that there was no colour at all in the park and today we drove down to Middleburg (VA) and again saw virtually no colour at all. No there was no credit on the wine scribble – or at least none that I noticed – and it does have quotation marks! The manservant mentioned Ben & the beer…. Oh – I didn't think of the snow and ice removal! LOL – I guess they just throw money around to get it done.

  6. That Good old car thing what a pain there is always times when you need a car and when living in the city when it is a stone around ones neck! Especially when you got such great photos of your walk, where driving you would not get such great views of the lovely houses the wall mural no place to stop and photograph and the Manservant would not have had it noticed his long and short sock joke!There are some sure pretty places around where you are the type of places where I could almost live in the city with enough wooded area to keep me sane

  7. What a fine walk, and what a fascinating area you live in! From creepy motel hangers-out to mansions and murals, all within walking distance. My, my! Nice photos and thanks for the tour. –JG

  8. Ah; the equivalent homes start just over a half mile from here – in my former work hood. I loved it. And miss it. Well, I miss having a job and really miss *that* job and while it's a gorgeous area filled with expensive old homes, shit definitely goes down there too.

  9. I'm sure we save a lot of money by not having a car but sometimes I would love to just jump in a car and go do something instead of having to organize a rental car and go get it. Thank you re the photos – it's a pity there is no safe median in the centre of the road to stand on while taking shots of the mural. Washington is lucky to have Rock Creek Park right there in the city – it is lovely wooded greenspace.

  10. Wonderful pictures. It's amazing how much we miss in life because we get too busy to stop and see the little things. These pictures capture so much of that little stuff, it's awesome. Love the bridge one, but I love water so much. Rivers, ponds, lakes, oceans, even playing in the sprinkler… <sigh>

  11. LOL – my days of running through a sprinkler were long ago! One of the really good things about not owning a car is how much I get to notice simply because of the slower pace I am traveling. When we had the car I saw things I wanted to photograph but by the time I'd thought it we'd driven past!

  12. It does look a nice world doesn't it! But then people like the manservant & I wander into it. LOL – the manservant only wears trousers if he's giving a talk or if the temperature is below 32 F. !!! So, I see a lot of odd things on his feet.

  13. Thank you Scorpion – yes it is repeatable – even the large hill at the other end. I think I was puffing so much I didn't think of taking a photo of it! Our friends really did deserve to throw themselves a party – it must've been tough getting papers written and getting through exams.

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