Street Friends …


On Friday, as I walked to work, one of my street friends sang out "Happy Halloween"   My habit of perpetual politeness had me responding "same to you"  before thinking about it and examining what I was wearing.  Perhaps in the dark I had mistakenly put on some part of a costume (or left something really important off!).  I thought I looked quite spiffy but obviously he thought I looked frightful which worried me for a little while.

I then remembered that I used to work with a guy who had atrocious dress sense and always looked as though he dressed half of himself in one mood, then had coffee and dressed his other half.  One day I wore a dress to the office that I was very fond of and for the first time ever he complimented me.  I couldn't wait to get home, take it off and donate it to charity because obviously there was something really wrong with it on me!

I looked much better, if only from a financial mark viewpoint, to a guy sitting in front of a ground floor room in this hotel one morning a few weeks back,   (it's taken me that long to go back and take a photo being careful not to get in the shot clear rego plates or nervous looking people exiting). 


As I walked past he whistled to draw my attention and then said something about a good time and $20.  Umph!  As if I would be so cheap! :-)    I then realized he was actually selling himself to me!   I politely declined (I was rushing to work afterall); so he offered the deeply discounted rate of $2 which I ignored.   He then shouted:  "well, fuck yourself then" … 

I laughed for many blocks! 

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  1. You sound like you have a complex on what you are wearing and if people like it or not, I have always been of the if it is comfortable and fits wear it! But I guess that is also a female thing wanting to look good, and some people say things just to be mean or get a reaction! also it takes all kinds to make the world go around but self gratis-faction at least you know how to make yourself happy! So you walk by fashion consultants and servous agents so many helpful people on the streets of the city but opinions are like assholes everyone has one! Be happy with what your wearing and if it feels comfortable enjoy it!

  2. Another of life's opportunities passes you by, Emjay. Somehow, I doubt you'll be losing much sleep over this one. I wonder if anyone availed themselves of his generous offer.

  3. I don't think any woman likes to have their attire laughed at – especially when we think we look nice. I see one man on the street who sings to himself and another who preaches and another who walks around with a blanket over himself even when it is 90 F degrees! They don't seem to notice other people at all.

  4. Well the Superfriends all have cool capes …. sadly my friends don't; though I do have one who wraps a red blanket around himself no matter how hot it gets. The other day I actually wondered if he might be naked underneath πŸ™‚

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