Today’s walk….


Some images from today's walk.  Nicer than the usual boarded up shops and other images I present from my neighbourhood!   The sun was a little high this morning & gives a washed out section to some of the shots ….   tomorrow we will try to hit the footpath (sidewalk)  earlier.

I must also come up with a better method of recording what I am taking.  Currently I am relying on my memory to remember which houses are in which streets.  Taking a pad and writing down the number of the image and corresponding street seems cumbersome.  I'm thinking about doing a quick video grab on my camera where I "speak" the name of the street and then snap images.       

When we walked in front we could see that it was chained and padlocked to prevent escape:

I've called this "vacant block"  though it is possible that it is the side yard of the grey house.  It was this possibility that prevented me from trespassing to get a closer shot!

Ooh – must go!  The manservant has whipped up Saturday night dinner.  I bet it will include chillies! (again!).

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  1. I myself have not gotten out and taken a trip up through the property this year yet seems like trying to get a list of things done is stopping that but what a nice deserve neighborhood better then the ones where you see rows and rows of houses that all look the same, Great photos and some cameras had a feature where you could record a audio bit to go with a photo! Also love the goat chained and unable to steal

  2. The DC area is just so lush and beautiful in the summer! I was amazed at its beauty the first time I saw it, in early October 2004. (And that was before the leaves started changing colour).

  3. Like Purp, I too was stuck by the greenery. Some of these bring the Old South or San Francisco to mind. LOL to the chained creature – who fortunately is not animate – in the yard – ever the reminder of nefarious elements in your hood. Just reminded me … a few blocks from my place is an apartment housing residents 55 and over who are frequently seen gathered at the patio chairs and table under a lush green canopy … all chained to a tree trunk!

  4. Check out that "graffitti art" in the vacant lot. Superb, Emjay. Unique. Don't you'd think the camera makers would have a function for recording information by now? That's driven me nuts for years. Same with my video camera. Would be nice to have a tiny typewriter built in or something, LOL!

  5. Perhaps you could take a photo of each new street sign before you snap photos of the houses on that street? I'm the same way with setings. I think I'm going to remember how I had the camera set, but by the time I look at the pictures on my computer, I've already forgotten everything!
    I enjoyed your tour. Thanks!

  6. Thank you Jamie re the photos. Yes my point & shoot camera will do 30 sec videos so I wouldn't need a whole 30 secs to say the street name. It's just sort of time consuming swapping between settings…. (just looking for an excuse LOL).

  7. It is amazing in its lushness isn't it. I had the same feelings my first summer – it must be all that humidity and the summer storms. Last year it seemed like we needed to mow the lawn every 3 days! This year was quite dry though.

  8. LOL @ naughty goats – if only it was just the goats and not the humans! There are some really lovely row houses of different styles around my area. I'm trying to document them photographically – hence the w/end walks.

  9. Thank you Purple πŸ™‚ DC seems to get really lush in summer. I think it would easily revert to forest (jungle??) if left alone. LOL – the goat – at first I thought it was a ram (sheep) – and I'm the country girl!!!

  10. Hi WB – it's amazing how a couple of miles can make a big difference to the streets. This was about 1.5 miles from home and the alleys were wider and so much cleaner and there was no trash on the footpath!! The front yards were bigger and had more garden. But still they had to chain and padlock their outdoor items…… LOL @ those over 55's. Our outdoor table and chairs are chained and padlocked to a brick pillar. I see people walking down the alley carrying televisions and various other electronic things and wonder if I should be chaining them up in the house LOL.

  11. I'm not too sure walking around any neighborhood with a pad and paper and writing things down is a good idea …LOL – yes that is very true! That is actually also one reason why I only take my little point & shoot camera and not the big obvioius DSLR……..

  12. "it's amazing how a couple of miles can make a big difference to the streets" … oh, you don't hafta tell me twice – or once! Majority of places I've lived, inc. presently, are like that. More interesting and colorful than suburbia. LOL to chaining the electronics down. Whenever I see someone carrying the likes of a TV, I'm tempted to inquire but figure it best to keep my mouth shut or suffer 80 pounds of plastics and components cracking my skull.

  13. Yes – I'll have to go back there and get some closer shots and also from the other side. (not sure why I didn't do that). Perhaps there is an iCamera in the works with a tiny keypad…… or I could have the manservant run around with a clapboard to hold infront of my camera LOL.

  14. LOL – yes my memory is much shorter than I think it is! Yes, I think taking shots of the street sign as I enter each street is a good idea – not such a big deal with digital "film" …… and quicker than changing settings on my camera.

  15. More interesting and colorful than suburbia. Oh yes – I certainly agree with you there. I love all the action around me. LOL – yes, it seems unwise to ask where one "purchased" what they are carrying down an alley!

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