Friday heat & pho ….


I really, really hate summer.  I hate sitting out in hot humid backyards and I don't do swimming. I don't wear shorts. I don't party in the outdoors in summer. My face turns indecently red in temperatures above 85 degrees. I am a miserable shrew when taken outside of an air conditioned environment. 

We were lucky this year in that we really didn't have much of the typical hot, humid DC July.   August has made up for that though.   The last decent rain we had was June 26th so our rain barrel has been empty for a while.  When I get home from work I barely have time to sip some wine before I'm out seeing that all those bloody pots have enough water.    My fish,  a four year old African Cichlid called "Fishie",   hates summer too.  His water temperature climbs to 84 during the day in our un-airconditioned (during a workday) house and he refuses to eat his dinner.

Friday night is take-out night in our house, and it's usually pizza, but tonight we decided to try Pho 14 a Vietnamese restaurant which has only been open a few months.  The manservant rode his bicycle to get it so we didn't order any pho (soup) as I didn't think it would survive the bike trip home unslurped. 

What we did order arrived home undisturbed in the poly containers and was delicious. I think we might try the pho next week…….


Red Marinated Pork:

Grilled shrimp vermicilli: 

Grilled pork, rice:  

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  1. I love Chinese food…is Vietnamese similar? Sure looks good!
    We have had such a strange summer here too…although not quite like yours. Temps have been unseasonably cool & we've had more rain in July & August than I've ever remembered! On a good note though, my tomatoes are finally starting to turn red! I made a batch of salsa for a snack today. I am planning on canning a lot of tomatoes in the next few weeks…:)

  2. The shrimp was excellent and my favourite out of what we got. The manservant said the restaurant smelt terrific and there was a line of people waiting for a table.

  3. Dammit! Sorry Emjay, that's twice it's done this to me. Comment was cut short, should've read:Chili, garlic, ginger, onions, soy sauce, carrots, spring onion (salad
    onion? Dunno what you guys class them as), and of course the
    vermicelli. Olive oil for frying the veg, sesame oil for cooking the
    noodles. And I prefer the low salt soy sauce myself πŸ™‚

  4. I think Vietnamese is more like Thai cooking than Chinese. We had a really wet May & June and then in July we usually get summer thunderstorms but we didn't. Today there was a torrid storm but apparently there was no "measurable" rainfall at National Airport which is where they record DC rain. I see that it is drizzling a little outside now – hopefully enough to cool things down a little. You are lucky with your tomatoes. I have that big bush full of green tomatoes and none of them look the slightest like changing colour. At this rate I will be doing Fried Green Tomatoes instead of fresh sliced tomatoes with basil or salsa.

  5. Hopefully there will still be time for them to turn red! I had a bunch of green tomatoes last year…I made some green tomato pie & everyone thought it was applie pie! I also had a friend tell me about green tomato jam & green tomato salsa. I never knew green tomatoes could have so many uses! πŸ™‚

  6. Mmmm, looks good (save for the bread with the pork, which I'd remove – not a bread person). The shrimp vermicelli looks refreshing on a hot day. Hope all was eaten properly – with chopsticks. πŸ™‚

  7. We've been in the doldrums lately too. My grass was all brown and crunchy and the plants were droopy, but we got rain two days in a row and it's freshened things up a bit. Yesterday it was in the 80's and that seemed chilly. Too bad I had to work….it would have been a lovely day to play.

  8. it is the only Vietnamese one any where near us. You should come here to visit. We have a section of town about 2 miles east of me called Little Saigon. OKC has a surprising variety of ethnic restaurants. Lots of immigrants end up settling here.

  9. Lovely food photos! I love Vietnamese and Korean food best. I moved to DC to Colorado and then to Seattle. I like being cooler! DC summers are icky. The whole city was built on a swamp!

  10. Pictures not good Emjay. Not good.GOF trying to adhere to healthy fruit breakfast right now to lose a kilo or 2 and you choose to post these pictures which make me salivate for something more than fruit.Pictures not good Emjay. πŸ˜‰

  11. We have lovely chopsticks which we got in China – love getting them out at every opportunity. I took a little of the pork out of the bread – it had a lovely flavour – I'm not a big bread eater either.

  12. LOL poor GOF doomed by time zones! My breakfast is usually yogurt, honey and mac nuts; or grapefruit, so dinner photos from Australia pose a similar problem for me.

  13. Fall & Spring – beautiful seasons – around here that would mean about 4 months a year is livable. I've been trying to walk an extra subway stop from work in the mornings – you are so right about all the sweaty bits – just sitting on the Metro can make me sweaty – I'm in the rest room for ages "blotting" with paper towels!

  14. If it was not for some of the fish it all looks great although when I look at that sandwich thing I always laugh at the greens on it things one would pick from the lawn!

  15. What gorgeous food. Asian dishes rock. We have a favourite pub over here that does fabulous Thai.I love hot weather, having grown up on a coast where I could swim to my heart's desire. I love swimming. We are in opposite situations. I miss long hot summers and places to swim in warm water. The ocean here is cold. Masha surfs and he says if I get a wetsuit I will be able to tolerate it.You need to move here. It rarely gets above 80 in the summer, and often it is quite chilly.

  16. You need to move here. It rarely gets above 80 in the summer, and often it is quite chilly.LOL – then I would be complaining about the cold! I would love to have enough money to have eternal spring by following it around the globe.

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