Just after I'd had a morning tea break this morning someone drove their car into a power pole in the street my office is in; power lines fell down and plunged a 2 block radius into darkness. 

Emergency lights came on and we waited to hear from building management what the status was.   After 20 minutes the Leasing Manager arrived to let us know that the "problem"  was being worked on.  And, then the emergency lights went out…….   and stayed out.    Have you ever tried to go to the toilet in total darkness with only a cell phone as light?     An hour passes while we joke around waiting to see what would happen….  Upper management is never quick to let staff go even as heat stroke threatens in the rapidly increasing temperature.   The Leasing Manager came back to say the building had to be evacuated because they could not get the emergency power on.   Do you know how dark it is in a fire stairwell when there is no emergency lighting?

With no definite estimate of when things would be repaired we were let go for the day – yippee!   I was home in time for lunch  -  a lunch which I had carted to work this morning and then carted home again to eat!   

By the time the power was restored at 2.30 most of us were well and truly missing for the day!   

Here is a girl who is missing strips of material from each article of her attire.

Photos taken on a recent walk:  

And, on this guy,  I'm not sure what the missing strips of hair on the left represent:  

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  1. Dollars to doughnuts his stripes are gang related. I know about these things, don't ask me why or who. p.s. perhaps i should go for this instead of the pixie tomorrow? Was this paid time off? Your blackout reminded me of the time we lost power in the warehouse (my lowest job point). Despite the daily deadline, we all stood around celebrating the unscheduled break (the boss was a dick who skimmed your hours and docked you at every opportunity). Then the power came back on, filling the warehouse with a collective groan. Good times, that power outage.

  2. Dollars to doughnuts his stripes are gang related Yeah – one reason there is not a photo of the front of him. Yes we will be paid….. Last summer there was a similar blackout and the Ops Manager said if it was still out at 2pm we could go home. It was sweltering and we were all sweating. We ran out at 2pm …. and there he was coming into the office from being out in the field just as the power came back on!! We had to turn around and go back in. One of those times I wished I used the other exit!

  3. the other exit – LOL. Yeah, unless you're a homie, not a good idea to snap his front pic and even then only for good reason, as dictated by gang codes. They're more than happy to have you shoot their pants belted at the knees though. Next time for fun point your camera that direction and see what happens.

  4. You have to love how dark! dark is! Making it hard to get around went through many of those power outages where I worked once every-time hot weather would come and cold weather! Then the owner got smart and got two power feeds! As for your people photos "it takes all kinds" has its good points as well as bad the good point is you never know what they will wear got to love that!

  5. Yay, day off, hurrah! Not so keen on the girl's hot pink sandally thingies. I saw a girl with a t-shirt with those back stripes missing the other day, the only difference being that the girl was roughly a UK size 18 and the t-shirt was about 12. So the extra flesh was being forced out of the slashes in the back. It was certainly an interesting look.

  6. Have you ever tried to go to the toilet in total darkness with only a cell phone as light?
    LOLOL – that reminded me of this time Daz went to hospital with an abcess on his gum and the nurse said she couldn't do anything but gave him a syringe and said he could go to the public toilet there and burst it himself. Well, when he got in there it was all this funny dim blue light and he couldn't see what he was doing and when he went back out and said – WTF, she said its like that so when heroin addicts go in there and try to shoot up they can't see what they're doing, can't find the vein. And I said – so how are you supposed to see to poke a needle in your gum, and he said, good question.

  7. The advantages of being a female photographer?Had I attempted to take either of those pictures and the subject turned around and "sprung" me, I would have been pounded into pulp on the sidewalk.

  8. LOL – I'm glad the mobile didn't go in the toilet too! It's one of those times when you don't really know where to put it as you don't want it on the floor. It was a sad day they decided to make office blocks without opening windows!

  9. Pitch black is awful. When I came out of the firestairs into the parking garage I was all confused about which direction to go – we really depend on those "exit" signs being illuminated. Yeah, people wear some strange things!

  10. Oooh! I didn't even think of that. When the emergency power is working there has to be one elevator operating so that would've been ok. It was actually very freaky not having those exit signs illuminated. Just goes to show how dependent we are….. The firestairs spill out into the underground garage which was also dark and it illustrated how easy it must be for people to become disoriented in a fire. (they actually go out onto the street through a door before the garage but without lighting we all missed the door).

  11. LOL – I will remember that next time I come across dim blue lighting I will know why it's there. I don't understand why the nurse or a doctor couldn't deal with his abscess – isn't that something medical staff should do.

  12. Yes, well, you'd think so wouldn't you. I can't remember the reason now, maybe she couldn't do it and the doctor wasn't going to be around for ages. It was a public holiday.

  13. This just reminds me how I've let all the batteries in all the flashlights expire….glad you got through it okay! People in the summer sure do leave lots of clothing at home, right? LOL!

  14. People in the summer sure do leave lots of clothing at home, right? LOL – yes! And this girl was quite modestly dressed in comparison to some I saw … . The last time I needed a torch here at home the batteries had leaked and died inside it! Luckily I had candles.

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