What to cook? As long as it takes chillies…


This was the haul last Sunday:  26 various chili peppers and 3 bell peppers (capsicums).  During the week we have picked over 40 more.  Every meal involves chillies – except my yogurt, honey & mac nut breakfast. 

There will be more to pick this afternoon.  I think we are going to have to pickle some.    Anyone have some interesting ideas – perhaps something sweet?

This is my container "garden"  -   we have 15 pepper plants amongst this jungle: 

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  1. Very pretty peppers. My son would be well jealous. I used to make all sorts of pickles. If you have any okra, it is fabulous pickled with peppers and dill and mustard seed in cider vinegar. Otherwise, they freeze very easily without any pre-cooking, just slice them up into cooking size and seal in small plastic bags (they are difficult to separate when frozen). You do not even have to thaw them before cooking if you are tossing into a stir-fry.

  2. They freeze quite nicely which means you can make them last until next season. Some of them I simply clean and freeze, others I clean and grill first. Those are the ones I use the most. Maybe I should just start grilling all of the ones I'm going to freeze! 8:-)

  3. Oh, those peppers look beautiful! Some ideas in addition to those already given are using them to make salsa (looks like you have some nice tomatoes!), or making pepper jam. A friend of mine just made a batch of the jam and it sure looked good! She plans to use it mixed with cream cheese or something as a dip. YUM.

  4. Peppers, Okra, dill & mustard seeds in cider vinegar – Mmmmm- sounds nice. I've given quite a few away to a friend whose son eats them straight up. We've offered them to neighbours but none of them like spicy things.

  5. LOL — yes maybe you should just grill all those you are going to freeze. 🙂 I've grilled them before and then kept them soaked in oil- sort of like sundried tomatoes.

  6. Oh – that jam used with sour cream as a dip would be wonderful. Yes, we have a lot of tomatoes but they are really slow to ripen this year. We're only picking a couple of ripe ones a week.

  7. Some good ideas here. If they were Anaheims, I could pass on an authentic green chilie recipe from New Mexico; otherwise, I'm at a loss, only 'cause I can barely feed myself these days! Come 'round next season and I may be an abundance of ideas!

  8. Very inspirational container garden Emjay. We should be doing something similar here in the wet season when it is not possible to grow most vegetables out in the weather.

  9. it is bad that they look so good but some are to me really killers but a lovely sweet pepper is just sooooooo worth the taste fresh picked and cut so the sweetness and the wetness fills your mouth!

  10. Wow – hot! I'm not a huge chili fan, my GI system being what it is, but it looks like you got yourself a nice haul! Enjoy the bounty from your containers. Amazing what they can yield.

  11. I just thought of something I discovered here in the UK that I love, love, love to put on shrimp, etc and dip raw veggies in: sweet chili sauce. I think it is a Thai thing, not sure.8 red chili peppers, finely chopped120 mlrice vinegar1 pinch(es)fresh ginger, minced100 gsugar3 clove(s)garlic, minced2 tbspcilantro, chopped½ tsppaprika120 mlwater1 tbsplime juice1 tspsaltCombine the chilies, sugar, water, rice vinegar, paprika, garlic and sal in a saucepan. Bring to the boil and let simmer until the sugar dissolves and the mixture begins to thicken. Add lime juice and simmer for another 1 minute. Cool before serving.

  12. LOL – the manservant eats them straight up too. I can eat them raw but like them sprinkled over something like salads, mashed potatoes etc. We don't have any Thai restaurants near us either. 😦

  13. We have some anaheims. When we went shopping for the seedlings we got all different plants with the exception of a couple of the same banana peppers. My favourite are the cayenne ones.

  14. I thought of an exception to the rule-the little chilis that are in kung pao chicken-Those are most definitely NOT meant to be eaten! At my favorite Chinese food place, if I don't tell them I want my kung pao chicken mild, I wind up with a hellaciously hot dinner!

  15. Thank you GOF. Nothing much grows in the winter here – we brought pots of plants inside last year and didn't lose any. I put other pots on the bottom deck and managed to have mint and rosemary all year. It gets exhausting lugging all those pots around though! 🙂

  16. Well ….. if you pop in we have some sweet ones and some milder ones. I think a person can build up a tolerance to the hotter ones – I can eat much hotter ones now than I could a couple of years ago.

  17. Thank you Margy. I've been really successful with my containers – with the exception of my spring onions (which look like measly shallots). I think it helps to have a sunny little yard.

  18. That sounds wonderful! Thank you. And, I could indeed use the coffee jar. I was thinking of those bottles for the pickled peppers but I'm not sure the plastic seal would withstand the heat from being boiled in a water bath.

  19. Thank you Ellie ….. I am really pleased with my container garden. I think it takes a little more work though as you really have to watch that the pots don't dry out. One day something is looking healthy and the next day it's just dead. The pots don't hold moisture as long as the soil.

  20. Peppers..delicious!! We had our first haul of mild salsa chillies, and it pales in comparison to your feast!Recipe ideas:1. Chillies+lime juice+salt. Instant pickle.2. Make a chutney! Chillies+ cilantro+lime juice+salt. (Freezes well.)3. Make a hot-n-sweet chutney! All of the above plus mangoes.4. Stuff the bigger ones with potatoes or cheese, dip them in a gram flour batter, and fry them. KILLER. Diet, you say? Bake them if you must.5. This one is more involved- marinade them in salted greek yogurt, along with tofu, onions, veggies of choice. Then grill or roast for the best kebabs ever!

  21. I share your enthusiasm for the time of year. The morning are chilly here, and the baby birds that hatched are growing up and now at the feeders. I always feel like fall holds a lot of promise of good things to come.

  22. I have SO many fledglings at my feeders. It's so funny to see them with their slightly rumpled feathers. Cardinals, bluejays, tufted titmice, chipping sparrows, field sparrows, nuthatches, redwinged blackbirds, mourning doves, gold finches, purple finches, house finches, house sparrows, ….I have never seen so many fledglings as this year. It's been such a treat! I luvs my birds!

  23. I am jealous! I so miss titmice, nuthatches, and cardinals. I think the titmouse is my favourite, they look like cartoon birds with their big eyes. Last year we had a baby cardinal (back in NC) that had a mohawk. It would feed on the ground which made us very nervous. It was ridiculous how cute he was.

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