Not my fantasy now ….


I am reading my way through the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton.  Not because I think they are literary works but because they are "fluffy" enough to read on the metro without having to concentrate so much that I miss all those wonderful announcements, station stops or conversations around me.   

During the reading of the first three books I decided I wanted to be Anita Blake when I grew up.  She is one tough broad.  She is a necromancer, raising and controlling the dead;  she is a licensed vampire hunter & executioner and she has some incredible "hardware"  strapped to her body. ……   knives, sword (in a pouch down her spine) and Browning hand guns.

I so wanted to continue this fantasy that based on those 3 books I bought the other 14 books in the series – well, I won't do that again.

I am currently half way through book 12.  Somewhere in the last few, the books have turned to soft porn with insatiable ardeur and scanty plot.   I am turning more pages than I am reading.  Anita has developed metaphysical problems you would not believe.   I'm relieved to find myself grown up and not her!

Now, I have a Kindle and that in itself can draw attention as people will ask what it is and how it works.  I am quick to go to the home page incase they spy writing which makes us both blush.  Descriptions of torrid sex between Anita and vampires or shape shifters.  Recently she has sex with both at the same time – threesomes have become her thing.  She hasn't "done" a zombie yet – but then I still have 5 books in which that might happen.   

A little girl sat next to me on the train and after a few moments asked – is that a book? 
Yes,  I replied and quickly went to the main index of book titles. (nothing too bad there unless you count  "Nymphos of Rocky Flats"  by Mario Acevedo).   

What are you reading about?

Vampires and a lady vampire hunter.

Oh -  I like vampires – I watch a show about vampires on Disney on the weekends. (Little voice in my head says not like my book; not on Disney).

She asks what my favourite book had been when I was little.   I replied "Ann of Green Gables"

Oh, she says,  I just read that.    Is your lady hero like Ann? 

Ah – absolutely not!!!


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  1. lol. you have such adventures on your train rides, it's enough to want me to take up commuting again. scratch that. or this. or there. oh never mind, i was briefly possessed by the spirit of your book's lead character.

  2. I read the first 2 Anita Blake books, but based on reviews I didn't go any further (glad I didn't!). As with most long series it just get worse and worse as it goes on. Authors should probably just stop after 3 or 4.

  3. @silverchimes – I'm no Danielle Stelle expert but I'm certain someone in the audience knows the answer to that question. 😉 Rowling, from all indications, definitely made the single character work.

  4. @silverchimes — For sure some of Anne Rice's characters carried over in her series (though to what extent I can't say, having lost interest early on) … and there's one detective, whose name escapes me, as the central character in a long series (in fact, now that I think on it, that's true for quite a number in the mysteries/crime series). It's buggin' the heck outta me now that I can't recall the author's name of that detective series!

  5. I wasn't a huge fan of Anne Rice's later vampire books, but that's just personal opinion. Of course there are great series of books based on a single character – Hercule Pirot or Miss Jane Marple by Agatha Christie as just one example. I think my comment was too general. In recent years, it seem that when I read a series of books based on one character, the quality suffers as the series continues. That may be due to pressure on authors to deliver stories by a deadline.

  6. @silverchimes – I had the same response to Rice's later books and also thought of Miss Marple in contemplating successful series based on a single character. Probably wisest to say that it didn't work well for L. Hamilton but has for others (a few of whom we touched on here). Rowling, for one, seems to get around those deadlines pretty darn well – lol!

  7. What's the go with vampires etc?? The Ninjettes got sucked into the Twilight franchise and the Queen loves her Underworld vampires vs werewolves battles… to me, they're all pale imitations of "An American Werewolf in London". Had a thing for Jenny Agutter for a while there!

  8. Emmy, these books were written years ago? What is the name of the first book? I will download a preview and check it out. I read a good vampire series while we were on our winter vacation, the twilight series. I devoured them, but then they were written for a teenage audience…easy reading. Just enough love too. don't you love your kindle? my mom called yesterday to tell me she killed hers :(( she was reading in the am, turned it off, when she picked it up next, blank screen. my dad had bought the extended warranty but guess what? warranty does not cover the screen. amazon "replaced" it for 200.00. what a rip off… hers was only 3 months old. :((

  9. The first one is Guilty Pleasures; then: Laughing Corpse; Circus of the Damned; Lunatic Cafe; Bloody Bones….. I was recovering from my foot surgery when the manservant gave me the kindle and I started this series. My screen went blank a couple of times when the battery gets down to about 1/4 strength it is apparently common on the first version. There is a reset button on the back (you need a pin or paper clip to push it) – I put the power on and pressed that reset and it came back. Since I have been better at keeping it charged I have not had the problem. I hope your parents tried that before they paid $200…..

  10. they did whatever the gal said to do over the phone when she was troubleshooting it. I'll have to ask her to try your suggestion if she hasn't already. you have version 1? i love my kindle!

  11. Hi PG – yes I read that entire series too. At the end of the last book (well the last one that's been released so far) I was starting to think that I might have had enough of Sookie too – though not quite to the same extent that I am sick of Anita – I think because Sookie's character did not fundamentally change as Anita's has.

  12. I don't know why I didn't read reviews really …. my only excuse is that it was not long after my foot surgery and I was on "drugs" LOL. I read the entire series of Inspector John Rebus books by Ian Rankin – I think there were 16 or 17 – and I enjoyed really every one of them – they finished with his retirement. There are a few other characters I enjoy; John Rain books by Barry Eisler; Mitch Rapp books by Vince Flynn; Jack Reacher books by Lee Child. But I think it is difficult to keep a character developing past a certain point – and no guarantee that the direction you are developing a character will appeal to your core readers.

  13. I got sick of Stephen King even though he had varying characters/plots. I think I have only read one Danielle Steele book in my life. I agree re Ann Rice – I really enjoyed her first few. I used to enjoy Patricia Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta series but they got tired. Stephanie Plum was another series where I read probably 5 or 6 but they became repetitive (they were good fluff on long flights!).

  14. I have not heard of that book but Google tells me it is the first book in the Earth's Children series and classed as an "historical fiction" . LOL – this line from wikipedia: as he demands his due as a male, repeatedly demanding she help him "release his needs".

  15. LOL @ Jenny Agutter – she seems to have done mostly television since then. I'm not sure what it is especially as most little girls fantasize of being fairies and princesses (& attracting the handsome prince) but then somewhere we change over to wanting to skate on the edge with the bad boys.

  16. She told me she was in 3rd Grade but her amazing vocabulary belied that. I got the impression that she only watched television on the w/ends. She, along with her mother and young brother had just spent the day at the Smithsonian Museum of American History. Her current dream is to play professional women's soccer.

  17. Hilarious. Children are so profound. It reminds me of when I was babysitting a very smart little girl when I was in my late teens. We were in line in the grocery store. There was a Marine in front of us with very tight jeans on. Laura (who sadly died a few years ago in a car crash) pointed at his crotch, and said very matter-of-factly (and loudly), "Look, he has a penis!"

  18. Ha ha – LOL – that's a memory that you are not likely to ever forget. I was in an elevator with my son when he was really young – it was one of those ones that drops your stomach for the first 10 floors going down. My son said in a very loud voice: Oooh – that made my penis go funny!

  19. Some times a book can not be judged by its cover and some of the things that are written in make you wonder how did a good story all of a sudden turn into this crap ( fill in ones own word) with an unnecessary side track to me is like a movie when they stick in a sex scene for no reason but to have some nudity! thankfully you can jump by them pages without destroying the storys flow or plot

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