Comcast cared today..

There is a documentary coming up on HBO called The Nine Lives of Marion Barry*  and last night I wanted to make sure it is correctly programmed into my TiVo.  (Recently I recorded an HBO series on Alzheimer's in Spanish!!).   But ….  I found HBO had gone!   (HBO is the only "fancy" cable channel we subscribe to). 

What I saw on my screen was a long message, which I did not understand, about the cable card.  What I did understand – it wasn't working.  (nor was the Spanish version). 

I checked my TiVo and found that Sunday night's True Blood was patiently waiting for me so HBO had  disappeared between late Sunday and Wednesday. 

I've posted negative experiences with Comcast a few times before and each time got a comment from someone apologizing on their behalf and offering to help.  The first time I thought I was being scammed and sent a pm to them asking how I would verify they worked for Comcast.  He provided a number and sure enough it was a Comcast office.  Then the manservant found an article in the New York Times about corporations trolling the internet for blogs complaining about their services.   The last time I whinged the guy left a nice comment about my tomato!   

So  back to last night  – what to do.  I decided to contact the commenter this afternoon and see if there was action behind his words  -  I was still skeptical.   I sent an email with the exact error message.  I was surprised to get a response really quickly saying that he would look into it.

I was even more surprised to get home and find a message from the local DC office with someone's direct phone number. Her message said that my communication error should be repaired and to check and let her know. 

Oooh Yes!  HBO is back!   I called her and got her voice mail -  one part of her greeting says if it is an "emergency to call (customer service #)" – I had a giggle as I imagined what constituted an emergency.   I left a message saying all was repaired and thanked her. She rang back to ask if there was anything else they could do (I guess I missed this opportunity to ask for some free Showtime!).    I did ask her how many people considered an emergency to be missing their favourite show.    "An awful lot"  she responded.

So  – there you go, today I had a very positive and totally painless experience with Comcast!

Marion Barry – former Mayor of DC and now Councilman – a colourful character caught up in more than a few legal wrangles; a little embarrassing for DC but always entertaining!

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  1. If it was to do with the hockey game it would be an emergency you can not take that away from my mother! And she would take it out one everyone if she was unable to see that But to some people there is always a show they watch religiously and without fail! But yes it seems like a funny thing to think as an emergency, although having an itchy nose and bolt arms in a cast would constitute in a emergency

  2. Yay for a service that actually wants to provide their service!
    I confess I was intrigued when reading the title of the series you wanted to see. This (spoiler alert!) is how I will alway remember Barry.

  3. You're absolutely right and I have been in a similar position with Vodafone. I ranted on here about them and sure enough someone contacted me about it – a very nice gentleman indeed actually – and I had my problem resolved fully and completely, which led to me writing a sort of 'thank you' non-rant. It's apparently big business for large corporations and they pay to have reports generated that contain the name of their company and these are then investigated by internal staff.I'm really glad they sorted it out for you – now if only I could get SKY TV to realise that they're asking ridiculous money to show HD channels which aren't even HD all the time… Anyone listening? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Yay! Cable companies are not known for their caring nature (not with me or my friends). So this is good news.We have cable with on demand here, and with it I can get some HBO shows. I would miss my HBO if I had to go without! I do wish they would put Rome on it…I would like to watch it with Masha. I miss Sci Fi a lot. Especially Battlestar.

  5. "Oh no, the cable is out! Call 911!"Reminds me of a friend of mine who used to work for the local electric company. They were sent to a house to cut the electricity off because the bill had not been paid. A woman ran out the back door screaming at them because she thought they were there to cut off the cable … and she had just paid that! Apparently it didn't occur to her that the TV needed electricity …

  6. LOL – the tomatoes! I think my little courtyard gets just the right amount of sun for veggies – except for my spring onions which still look like chives and will probably die of old age before they get any "bulbs" . I like the documentaries on HBO except when I make the mistake of recording them in Spanish which I neither speak nor understand! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I've been to a few hockey games – it's a pretty fanatic crowd so I can imagine them nearly having coronaries if their cable stopped working when an away game was on. I would be pissed off if I missed a couple of my favourites but I would never consider it an emergency.

  8. Thank you for the link – I hadn't seen the Post court report before though I've seen the grainy video which is replayed each time he gets into "trouble". I was not living here at the time but people often repeat the "bitch set me up" line. I find it amazing that he was voted in for another term as Mayor after being jailed and then as a councilman despite having tax evasion conviction and some other misdemeanors. In July an ex-girlfriend accused him of stalking her though those charges were dropped. He is currently under investigation in relation to the hiring and payment of that woman. I like the title of the doco!

  9. Yes, it must be worth their while for corporations to pay for those reports to track what nasty things we are saying about them and then attempt to remedy the problems. Most of us are very quick to do a rant when things go wrong but then don't always come back to give kudos when something gets fixed. LOL – yeah some of our hi def is not really hi def….. full screen makes a difference to my viewing pleasure.

  10. Yes he went to jail – and then got re-elected as Mayor and then elected as Councilman – a position he still holds. I'm looking forward to the documentary – though I saw an interview done with the producers who said he was a very difficult person to actually work with (on the doco).

  11. We don't subscribe to any of the "on demand" stations. We used to get Starz (I loved Crash with Dennis Hopper) but we stopped it to save some money and now that stations put their series out on DVD at the end of a season we can just watch it on Netflix. We've been tossing up whether to keep HBO too really but I don't want to be surprised by finding it not working before I'm ready to give it up LOL.

  12. Excellent! My experiences have been mixed, ranging from David-and-Goliath battles and hair-pulling (mine, not theirs), followed by discussions with supervisors (plural), the last finally conceding that they'd been essentially in the wrong and adjusting my package price accordingly. Other occasions involving service interruptions and the like, they've been helpful and friendly. Glad yours was the latter. This time. ;p

  13. Ooh – I missed this the other day. Sorry for my tardiness. I have had a couple of conversations with the local office now and they have been super helpful including the willing giving out of their direct lines and emails. Now, if I could just find someone at Pepco ……. (electricity).

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