Diet Aid…


This is my latest diet aid:   

On the fridge (whose fingerprints are they?):

If I could find the key I wouldn't need the note on the freezer:

On the microwave in case I get something past the fridge & freezer signs:

On the goodie cupboard:

My eldest son is getting married in December and I do not want to be the blimp in the group photos!

We have supplies of fattening things in our freezer and cupboard for whenever friends drop in but I have no willpower and I turn into my own "friend" way too often.  So….  over the last few days we have been using up a lot of the "bad" stuff  – along the lines that if it's not available it can't be eaten and thoughts that our friends don't need it either!

The manservant got ice-cream out of the freezer and said:  "I'm told a lot of coffee icecream helps with weight loss".

What  I heard:  a lot of copulation ……..


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  1. LOL well copulation is good exercise!! πŸ˜€
    On a much less fun note, I read that people who eat yogurt are thinner than other people. Scientists don't know why.
    Real Simple (either this month or last month) also had fun low-cal snacks. I pinned it to my fridge.

  2. That is a long time to do without all those yummy things but hope you do make it through there are too many things that are even good for you that will end up just adding on weight so the best thing to do is not watch what you eat but watch the amount you eat smaller portions!

  3. I think the day you start locking your freezer is the day you need therapy!! Its like me with wine. Daz always buys too much wine and then I drink too much of it. I said to him the other day – just don't buy it, if its not in the house I won't drink it and he said – maybe I could just hide some bottles from you. Christ I said, I think if it comes to the point where you're hiding wine from me, I need help.
    And you do realise that no one is going to be paying you much attention anyway. Its all about the bride emjay.

  4. I am, as you would no doubt expect, totally appalled at all the encouragement you are receiving for the final option. If all else fails, perhaps in the final week of November you might give it a go. πŸ™‚

  5. Well – I eat 2 cartons of yogurt a day and think I must be the exception to that study. πŸ™‚ Perhaps I am not meant to slather it with honey and macadamia nuts!

  6. Cheese and chocolate are my two biggest temptations – I have no willpower where they are concerned. I've placed my grocery order for the week and haven't ordered anything "bad"…..

  7. Yeah – I don't know why the freezer has a lock on it! It came with the house – perhaps the previous owner had to keep someone away from the contents. The manservant hides his chocolate from me!

  8. I've only tried liquid type diets a couple of times – I like the feel of something solid in my stomach- even if it's only yogurt! LOL. I'm hoping that eating well and walking will do it for me….. I guess we will all know in about 4months time.

  9. LOL…. I had a bag of Lindt chocolates in my cupboard for ages which I'd stuck a note on saying "10 pounds" – every time I was tempted to open it that note did put me off. Then one day I noticed that it had sticky tape on it and it felt lighter – the manservant had opened it and taken some and then taped it back up!! It didn't have the same motivation not to eat them then and I did finish them off.

  10. The really good thing about mine is that it rhymes and it pops easily into the head when offered delicious things at work like chocolate cake yesterday! It really has worked being stuck all around the kitchen – it looks a little strange but it makes me think instead of mindlessly pulling something out and sticking it in my mouth.

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