I've been a bit of a slack-arse on vox lately.   It's not because I've been off doing anything super exciting but rather because I have been limiting my time at the computer since developing a neck and shoulder "issue".

For a week I felt stiff above my left shoulder blade and then some vague pains started going down my arm and then they got worse and I was getting less and less sleep at night.  Last Sunday I had 4 hours interrupted sleep and realised that my general philosophy of letting things get better on their own was not going very well;  so on Monday I sought help from a Chiropractor.

The last time I went to one was about 7 years ago when I woke up one morning and could barely move. After many minutes of pathetic struggling I got myself out of bed to discover that I could only stand or lie and that anything in-between was basically impossible.  It was not really painful but it was certainly debilitating.   I could not go to a doctor because I could not bend in the middle to get into a car.  I had never been to a chiro before and was actually quite wary of them but I was really desperate and there was one a couple of blocks from home.  It took me nearly half an hour to walk there as I travelled the same speed as a tortoise.  He got me into shape enough to go to work in 3 days and then did a few more manipulations and that was that – no back problems since.

Until now …. 

This chiro is a block from the office; his name is Dr Weiner. I ignore his name because I'm pretty sure I would pronounce it incorrectly.

 He took x-rays and has his little light box set up right next to a poster with x-rays in columns.  So, when he puts your deformed bones up it reads across as Emjay,  normal  and then 3 stages of deterioration…..  you get to see exactly how deviated from normal you are.   This is a bit like going to counselling and finding that you have issues way bigger to worry about than you thought!

I'm pretty sure that basically all of us will go to the grave with deviations we won't ever know about and which will never give a problem.  But it's a bit disconcerting to see yourself posed against perfection.      

So I have now had  3 visits -  there is quite a bit of improvement during the day but I'm still only getting short stretches of sleep before being woken by pain. It's getting bloody tiring.  I will give him this week but after that I might have to seek medical advice. 

One of my sons gave me a gorillapod (tripod)  for my birthday.   I wish I was as flexible! 



This one made me a bit nervous:

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  1. Emjay, first of all kudos for going to a chiro. They get snobbed as jacklegs by too many. Secondly, get yourself some muscle relaxers. Whether over the counter or prescrip (here in the UK you can get them by asking the pharmacist; I think the the USA you will have to go to your GP). I am not one to pop pills like candy, but when suffering back pain, damn straight I go for the good stuff, because if I can not sleep, I am a fire-spitting dragon tempered evil byotch and life is too short for that. Ibuprofen can offer some help and you can take as much as 800 mg without messing yourself up, as long as you eat something solid shortly before you take it.As for the gorilla, Masha got one for his birthday last year and we both use it.

  2. I just remembered learning last year about pain and therapy with drinking and eating dark berries. Blueberries, black cherries, blackberries. Juice or whole fruit. The dried cherries are wonderful and lovely baked in cookies and scones. It does seem to help me. I am not one that suffers severe pain regularly, but I am in my mid forties and have had those lovely middle age aches you get from the stirrings of arthritis in my hands and feet and sometimes lower spine where my tailbone is. I am very outdoorsy and I will be damned if age is going to slow me down. I especially enjoy the juice mixed with seltzer water like Evian. Yummy.

  3. That is all excellent advice GB. I've been taking some natural relaxants that the chiro gave me – and at night I've been taking some things with codeine in them – they don't seem to help much; but then perhaps I would be much worse at night if I wasn't taking them. 🙂 I have a yoga place a block from where I live which I would love to go to but during the evenings and w/ends all the classes are those active types of yoga and I want the nice restorative type of class. I actually do have a memory foam pillow – it still makes me smile to think of what it looked like when it arrived. I ordered it online and when it arrived it was in a vacuum packed envelope and I thought they had sent me a pillow CASE instead. But after opening it, it sort of "grew" until it was 5 inches thick. I love it! I agree with you about stress and pressure having an affect too. I certainly feel it starting to tighten more when I'm giving "direction" to the manservant LOL. :-)I have some cherries in the fridge – I am going to have some right now!

  4. My sympathies for your pain 😦
    Not trying to joke here, but your physical troubles sound exactly like the violin injuries I've experienced. But I'm sure there are loads of reasons – and being on the computer is terrible for posture and good bone health, I find. Geo's advice sounds consistent with what I've read. Yoga and jogging helps my back but for some reason walking seems to make it worse.
    Healing vibes, and I looooooove that tripod!

  5. damn, that's one cool gorillapad! so sorry to hear about your ailment and disturbed sleep (that alone can worsen matters). i echo geology's suggestions, esp. about the yoga, when you're back up on your feet. hope you're back to your usual spunk soon.

  6. When you first blogged about waking up in the morning with unexplained shoulder/side pain, the same thing happened to me a few days later, and, as a sad reflection of my flawed character, I was ready to blame you for the event ;-)For a couple of days before it healed itself it matched the pain on my other shoulder which I fell down on doing something stupid thinking I was only a young pup of 50 or something.I hope the chiropractor and the other suggestions above help you get relief and permanent healing very soon.

  7. IF you do not want to know grin and bare the pain but one can not live that way it is always better to know that you are messed up one way or another, like my neck a chiropractor would have sent me away after looking at the xray or paralyzed me, but at least I can live with being broken! and not suffer an over abundance of pain so hope everything gets better for you and no pain no problems for a long time! also you need to get a stand or something to raise your computer up to a eye level even if you have to get a keyboard for in your lap and a mouse to run on the couch next to you! Also love those gorillapod they are so great to get a nice steady shot no matter where you are they will almost wrap or cling to anything but can be scary when you see your camera hanging in the strangest way!Take Good Care

  8. I'm so sorry you have been suffering with so much pain (and lack of sleep). I hope the chiropracter can help you…but you're right about seeking further help if he doesn't. (((hugs)))

  9. Sorry to hear about your current predicament. I must admit I've never been to a chiro. I'm sure they are very effective at treating some things, but like you say, I'm sure that everyone is out of alignment and crumbling, whether they know it or not, so where do you draw the line?

  10. Sorry to hear about your pain- I do hope Dr. Weiner lives up to his..er..is able to help you.Gorillapod FTW! I don't own one but love the idea of it. Do you find it as useful as advertised?

  11. Take care of yourself. It would certainly be nice to have a chiro close by that I could trust and that would cost me an arm and a leg. I get neck and back paing if I'm on line too long too,

  12. I'm looking forward to taking the gorillapod out on a trek somewhere – once I can put a backpack back on my back!. It is incredibly light and this one is the DSLR one. I used to go yoga and really enjoy it but the instructor left and I didn't like the new girl. I will have to make a better effort at finding a new class somewhere – or I could dig out that DVD I bought…… (and have never used).

  13. LOL!! If only I had that much influence on your shoulders!. My doctor today used the term "self limiting" in relation to how long these spasms usually last. As in, most of them get better on their own. I begged for drugs as I would rather it get better a bit quicker than that.

  14. That was great advice re the monitor. I have a Dell flat screen monitor at work and was able to slide it up the stand so that it is much higher. I can touch type so I don't have to look down at the keyboard – so I don't have to dip my chin down at all now!The gorillapod is terrific. I am going to be a little nervous hanging the DSLR over a drop on it though – I imagine standing there with my hand out under it incase it falls. It's pretty sturdy though – I just have to make sure it's screwed in properly.

  15. The lack of sleep is the worst part – it's been a long time since I only had snatches of sleep like when there is a baby in the house (my youngest child is about to turn 20).

  16. Thank you. I did go to see my doctor today because yesterday was a bad day where no position seemed to take any pressure off my shoulder. I've got some "real" drugs now so tonight it feels quite a bit better. 🙂 She is quite happy with the chiropractor being an adjunct to her advice so i will see him again this week also.

  17. Yeah – I think chiros can be pretty sure in their diagnosis that we are crooked – especially as we get older and suffer the effects of time along with leaching of calcium from our bones.

  18. The gorillapod is really cool – it is incredibly light so no heavy equipment to cart around. I think you must be strong to carry around all the stuff you do when you are out on your butterfly hunts.

  19. Thank you Purple. Re the gorillapod – I've only had it since jul 23rd and I haven't really tested it out yet. It did wrap around the smooth metal pipes without slipping which was impressive – though I only put my little point and shoot on it not the heavier DSLR. I did find it a little difficult to get the legs back to the same length after bending them around – they are sort of segmented rather than flexible in one line. I think that's just a matter of practising.

  20. I'm lucky that our health insurance seems to be big on "wellness" programs and chiropractic services and deep tissue massage falls under that. I like the guy and I do trust him – but I don't trust myself to get his name right! LOL.

  21. I have found that chiropractic care is very helpful when my neck and/or back hurts. I hope you are starting to feel some relief and that your treatments bring about a speedy recovery. your Gorillapod looks so cool, I would love to have one of those things. I would love to have a DSLR too, lolI hope when you are feeling better, you get to do lots of photos

  22. Thank you – I am actually feeling quite a bit better today and looking forward to another session with the chiro tomorrow. Yes – I'm looking forward to practising with the gorillapod and camera. I've had the DSLR for a few years now and have barely opened the manual. I need to learn how to use it properly.

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