Knocked down by a bug, an accident & the economy


Why does looking at oneself and thinking "wow, I look healthier than I've looked in a long time" open a portal allowing an invading army of bugs in. Go to bed feeling great and the next morning that healthy person is wracked with a sore throat, sinus headache and aching shoulders. I've struggled through the last few days barely getting home from work before falling into bed.   I think it will be a while before I allow myself to again think that I look gloriously healthy!  


Ever since the accident a few weeks ago things have been sort of messy on the trains while they continue to investigate what went wrong. Trains are being manually operated and going to the end of platforms before stopping and this means that if you had been used to standing in a certain spot to be in line with an opening door – your alignment is now off. I have adjusted by walking quite a distance along the platform but people are generally lazy and congregate in the easiest position no matter how crowded that spot gets.  

Going home yesterday people kept squeezing into one car despite the driver making announcements as we came into a station for people to "spread out along the platform".   After the doors continued having problems closing the operator said:

"Now, I know you all want to get into the car closest to the escalators and elevators but really, people, you are going to have to move.  Life isn't what it used to be:"


And, indeed it is not.  I was meant to be in Shanghai (China) with the manservant this week; doing some sightseeing while he conventioned; and watching that Total Eclipse.  The trip was nixed by the state of the economy!   




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  1. The trip was nixed by the economy … meaning? Hahah, love the conductor's comment. I'm sure it was completely ineffective but ya gotta admire his forthrightness! Hoping that whatever's zapped you makes a quick exit.

  2. Sorry about that bug – maybe it's your body's way of making sure you don't get too smug about your health. It's just teaching you a lesson. It's so unfair.
    And I would move wherever that conductor wanted, if he asked like that.

  3. gah!! that's nuts all around (funny conductor, but how frustrating).unfair about your health giving you the turn around, i agree with Aubrey. hope you're back to feeling super very soon.bummer about the trip too. 😦

  4. Dang! You missed seeing the eclipse! Sorry you're feeling a bit "off" but it wouldn't require a virus to make me ill if I missed out on a chance to see that total solar eclipse. The only one I got to see was in 1970 and I'll never forget the experience. It looks like my next chance will be in April 2024 when the path of totality will pass right over my region. I hope I'm around to see it but I suspect it will be cloudy that day. Get well soon! — JG

  5. Well at least it was not being sick that called it off! but yes love when I visit my brother and watch how silly people are on public transit you would think they were too lazy to lift there feet at times so they get on the handicapped car where you walk straight onto the car! And sounds like you got the old sinus drainage that left you with a sore throat and the lovely sinus headache time for hot compresses to loosen that up or to get a sink full of hot water and a towel over the head to steam it loose! with this weather I am surprised more people are not suffering ! With the stranger then usual weather! Hang in there and hope you get feeling better I know these sinus headaches and sore throat from sinus drangage can be a living hell! Rest well

  6. p.s. off the subject, did you know that bananas posting made the vox front page a week or so back? congrats. it's rare i'm at the front page and when i saw it, i thought: "i know that girl and posting!" funny thing, yesterday i discovered my post on that job from hell is front page. guess that completes our 15 minutes of fame.

  7. I had the holiday all planned but then the company I work for had to lay people off due to a downturn in business as well as cutting back in other areas and things just got too difficult so the holiday had to go ….. Oh – that's funny about the banana posting! I never logout so I don't see that vox page. Congratulations on your job from hell post making it too. LOL @ 15 minutes of fame.

  8. I don't logout anymore but occasionally a browser does it for me, lord knows why. Funny about the Vox page, I used to log in/out daily and frequently clicked on the featured posts. I got so fed up with the *crap* that was making the front page (don't even get me started!) that I took it up with Vox. And the woman wrote back a thoughtful and appreciative response with assurance that they'd try to do better, I still have that in the files. Since then, because I altered my login practices, I can't say whether their selections improved but that we both made the page suggests someone's more awake at the wheel now – lol

  9. I hope you're feeling better. Being ill in the summer is even worse than being ill in the winter. Sorry to hear about the trip, as well.
    It's funny how we are such creatures of habit and quick getaway planning when it comes to using transit. Here, where the rush-hour buses are standing room only ("crush" loads), drivers must repeatedly have to ask people to move back further into the bus to allow others to board.

  10. Hope you are well again soon… would have been fantastic to see an eclipse of that duration….but don't worry, there will be a similar one next century;-)

  11. I can barely wait for the trains to be back to "normal" – though I'm starting to wonder when that will be. I'm now going to start concentrating on a trip home (Australia) in December – that should cheer me up!

  12. I was really upset when I first realised that I would have to cancel. It would have been quite amazing to see the eclipse there. 2024 sounds so far away – I hope we are both still around – even if it is cloudy!

  13. Thank you Jamie. Yeah the whole nasal drip down the back of the throat is pretty yuck! I did try one of those Neti pots – but I seemed to choke on a lot of water rather than have it come out – LOL. People are incredibly lazy – they are standing on top of each other and shoving to get on the train. And then, like you say, they sit in the seat meant for people with disabilities.

  14. Oh what a bummer to have the trip to China nixed! That would have been fun and interesting. I hope your bug gets better – make sure to keep an eye on it for swine flu.
    People are herd animals – if one looks up while it's raining, the whole mass will look up. In that way, we are so much like sheep.

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