Email or Phone? What if you have neither?

There was a question of the day this week:  If you had to give up either email or the telephone for the rest of your life, which one would you forgo?

Well, this morning we woke to find that we had neither!   And I only had $3.15 credit on my cell phone which is not nearly enough for a call to Comcast customer service hold line.  (the manservant does not have a cell phone).

Mmmmm – what to do with no way to report the outage?   We grabbed a laptop and headed to a fairly new coffee shop in our neighbourhood which has free wi-fi.  Actually, the manservant was the very first customer on the day they opened a couple of months ago but I had yet to visit.   So there we were enjoying a lovely cappuccino (me); an espresso (manservant); sharing a chocolate orange muffin and using the free wi-fi to contact Comcast.  

We pulled up the "chat to a live agent" (much better than a dead one!).. and got the slowest typing agent ever.  The little "agent is typing" message would appear near the dialogue box and we'd have time to write emails before her sentence would appear.   She suggested that we reset the modem and see if that works.  Ummm….  did you not read the bit about us not having phone or internet?  We are in a coffee shop 5 blocks from home.  Do we suspend the chat while we run home to push the reset button and then run back to Qualia to report the result?

Oh – well, she can set up a service call out on Tuesday and in the meantime will organise a reboot from their end.  If service is restored when we get home we can contact them and cancel the service call. 

We went home via our crappy supermarket and were pleased to find that the systems were working.   This is our local Safeway which I have referred to in previous posts as both the Soviet Safeway and the Ghetto Safeway – based on its selection of items for sale.   I love its funky shape:


 Remember my weenie little tomato plant?   (May 4th)

Well -  we are going to harvest the first tomato from it today!  It's huge! 

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  1. What have you been feeding your tomatoes now that is big! I suppose with all this new found water you have been giving them a drink more often!Also surprised that the Manservant has not got a cell phone or should I say a blackberry or an apple phone! But it is so convenient having a cell phone because pay phones are disappearing and the internet is starting to be the only way to contact lots of things anymore! But at least you had a nice morning coffee out together!

  2. Whoa… that is some monster tomato!!I laughed at that QotD because I pretty much quit talking on the phone a year or 2 ago. I want a new cell plan and phone… and keep telling people that I want it to have everything (internet, txt, high end camera) EXCEPT voice!! I want a "phone" that does everything except work as a phone!

  3. Love Love Love the tomato!! From the looks of the plant, you'll have plenty more! 🙂
    It's amazing that you were able to take care of the technical problem from a coffee shop! Gotta love technology!

  4. Sometimes just our phone goes out, sometimes the phone and internet together. Either way I've learned to simply unplug the modem, wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in. Once in a while I have to do it twice, but that always seems to fix the problem.

  5. It was wonderful going out for coffee together – especially as he has just been in Australia observing. He has no desire to cart a mobile phone around – he actually calls using Skype on his computer and he never leaves home without his laptop! The tomato was amazing. It looks like it will be awhile before any of the others are ripe enough to eat – they're totally green.

  6. LOL – because I answer the phone ~ 300 times a day at work I have no desire to talk to anyone outside. I use the mobile to text and get texts from my kids in Oz. Everyone else, I communicate via email. The manservant never talks on the phone.

  7. I've just been over at your "place" drooling over your raspberries! It's funny that the one tomato was ripe so far ahead of all the others – nothing else is close to being ripe.

  8. Oh yeah – I forgot to mention that we had already done that. It was only a couple of weeks that I came home to find the phone not working. Then the tv. It's unusual for more than one to go out at the same time. It was just funny that it was in the same week as the related question of the day.

  9. Damn that's a fine-looking tomato! "and got the
    slowest typing agent ever"- lol. i could just picture the scenario. i once had occasion to use the comcast live person and the guy was actually quite helpful, friendly and fun to chat with. and he completed typing his sentences before year's end.

  10. Wow what a great tomato. Re the QotD, I'd have to say email. I've got an iPhone and love some of the applications I've downloaded, although going without the phone function probably wouldn't bother me too much.

  11. Wow, that tomato is ginormous! I love freshly picked tomatoes.
    I am just dropping a few notes to apologize for the experience and offer my help if you need further assistance. I would like to get more info about your chat experience. Do you mind sending me the phone number on the account?
    Thanks in advance.
    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  12. 1. Yeah … I bet that guy's from comcast …2. it takes so long for customer service to answer, because they have to translate from english to whatever their native language is, and then reverse all of that to get you your answer. I had a similar problem with DishNetwork, and I DID ask the guy several times if he was even bothering reading my responses before he replied.

  13. Yummy, orange choc muffin. The UK has not embraced the muffin. They would call it a cake, and they do when I bring them into work. I always say, "Cake has icing! And proper butter-cream, not that horrible sheet stuff!" They agree the sheet stuff is horrible. No one eats it except four year olds who do not know any better.

  14. I just realised…the tomatoes are zapping all the electromagnetic frequencies near your house and knocking out your internet service. This is why they are so big. Ark, ark, I make humour.

  15. Well there's no way I will be posting a picture of our puny insect chewed tomatoes after that picture Emjay.And while this is only tenuously connected to the matter of no phones or internet, parts of the Gulf and other Australian outback areas are regretting the day they put their HF radio communications into mothballs, because all the modern comms failed for several weeks as a result of wet season flooding this year.

  16. Yes, I have had a chat person before who was really fast. Given the option on how to contact any customer service I always choose the chat one. There is usually not a wait before an agent "speaks" unlike the phone where you can be on hold for long periods of time. I was on one once though where a message came up "agent has left the room" and I hadn't finished complaining! LOL.

  17. I agree – I could give up the phone because I can "ring" people using skype on my computer and get instant messages via email etc. I really don't like talking on the phone.

  18. You never know …. there was this story in the New York Times (sorry it's not imbedded – that function never works on my laptop): think they troll Twitter as well. I had complained about a comcast issue last year and someone supposedly from comcast responded. I was really dubious and one of my vox neighbours sent me the New York Times link. LOL – I love your reason for the length of time it takes them to reply! Probably correct.

  19. Yeah – I can hear the phone at home and not feel the slightest compulsion to actually answer it. Our answering machine says "please start talking and if we don't pick up leave a message"…….. I have to hear who it is and decide if I am going to talk to them before I pick up.

  20. LOL your electromagnetic humour! The tomato was so good it was worth giving up the services for awhile. The demographics of where I live are something like 3% white, 60% black, 30+% latino, 6+-% "other" – so you can imagine the supermarket shelves. I love the sound of your ghetto mart – what an eclectic selection of goodies. LOL – sheet icing! I'm not sure I know what that is……

  21. Oh GOF – I'm sure your tomatoes are not that sad looking! Re the HF radios – how frustrating – those people must have felt really cut off. Not many coffee shops just down the road in those areas. I have a friend out past Lightning Ridge – she has satellite internet & phone – I'm not sure how well it works.

  22. First I switched from answering machine to voicemail – so I couldn't hear who called. Then I starting turning off the phone ringer, so I couldn't even hear when someone called. Then I canceled voicemail. And, finally, unplugged the land line.As for my cell phone, I keep it on vibrate most of the time so it takes me hours to find out that someone called. By then, most stuff people called about no longer matters.

  23. The demographics there do mean better food. I agree. And good on you for supporting your local ghetto mart!Sheet icing = this almost plastic stuff, you buy in a roll, and unroll and lay on top of the cake and it is just plain disgusting. Tastes like…Saran Wrap!

  24. LOL. We sound pretty similar. We need the landline for our home alarm system though. There are a few people who leave messages that I must call back (inlaws) – I drink heavily before I return the call. The only people I give my mobile number to are my family so if it's not one of them I don't answer.

  25. I am so lucky. I have a little courtyard which faces the south and so it gets the sun all day – ideal for growing all these things. Anything that doesn't need full sun I put in the shadow of the fence.

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