Yes, we have bananas


One of the manservant's  tasks is to bring bananas home a couple of times during the week so that the ones in our fruit bowl are always nice (I don't like them once they get past the just-ripe stage).

This week he is on a mountain top in Australia and I sent a joke message saying we had run out of bananas and to please get some on the way home.  

On Saturday I got a delivery from Edible Arrangements and initially thought "oh ha ha he's wonderful – he's sent me (very expensive) bananas".         Then I saw the box …    mmmm – what are these. 

I read the card and it was a thank you from a friend who had been over for dinner a while ago.  I opened the box and there WERE bananas!!    Sublimely covered in chocolate!  


And pineapple – half dipped in chocolate and dipped in coconut.

We must invite him over more often! 

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  1. With a thank you like that, they are well worth spending time with! although some times I think thanks has become a hard thing to express as it some times when said sounds hollow but with a nice little gift like this is more like one means it! Enjoy and take the stairs not the elevator after eating too many of these!

  2. Shouldn't you be printing out that nice invite on parchment for that friend rather than reading comments about now? :p BTW, ever since you mentioned your friends who insist that frozen mushy black bananas are da bomb, I think of you every time I see a frozen banana booth at the street fairs.

  3. Hey emjay, just popping by after a long absence to say 'hi'. Well I'm off to the kitchen now, these photos are making me crave something sweet :-). (aka Michie)

  4. Yum yum yum I've never seen chocolate covered banana before. I wonder if they are as good as the banana chips they make in Thailand, hey what about chocolate covered banana chips…mmm bananas

  5. Am not surprised but I think a good quality dark chocolate would do the job better but then I am biased as I can't eat milk. Montezuma's do divine orange slices covered in dark chocolate (if you eat enough it's one of your five a day I'm sure)

  6. I have had bits of pineapple in chocolate fondue before but have never seen them like this. They taste really good – and will probably last quite well (at least longer than the bananas – which I've already eaten! LOL).

  7. Ooooooh! Those chocolate covered orange slices look fabulous! I have had banana chips in Thailand!! I liked them a lot! These chocolate covered bananas were an interesting mix in texture with the hard chocolate shell and the soft banana inside.

  8. I have not, or maybe I did once a long time ago; the combination doesn't appeal to me. Ditto for chocolate pretzels. I did like the pretzel bites with peanut butter inside that Costco used to sell, however.

  9. I like them just past the green stage. I like them to still be firm. To me they taste sort of "fake" the riper they get and I hate that mushy texture of a ripe banana.

  10. I am with your and GeologyByotch in so much as I like my bananas at that just ripe or almost green stage. I am not fond of the texture when they ripen more.Your friend must be a good friend indeed to know how much you like bananas and then to think to give you a thank you gift that has them in it.congrats on making it to the front page in the [culture is good] box.

  11. Green banana eating women. GBEW. Better than POBs.I had a boss a couple of years ago, a fantastically ornery Belgian woman, who when designing the website for our project, wanted to know what she could label our dept. I said, "POBs". It just came out of my mouth as I was working on my computer in the corner. The other women, all Brits, (our little dept was all female) looked at me and waited for what it meant. I explained, "pissed off bitches…I was joking". My boss used it. : )

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