Who you gonna call?


An angry woman (AW) caller today:

Me:  Good Morning xx company,

AW:  STOP sending me faxes.

Me:  Ah – I'm sorry?

AW:  YOU keep sending me faxes.

Me:   Oh,   I'm sorry a typo somewhere must have resulted in your number being put on a Surefax list which goes out with bid invitations.

AW:  Well, I don't want them, so take me off.

Me;  Yes certainly,  what is your number and I will give it to the correct person to remove that number.

AW:   I don't want to tell you my number.

Me:  Well, our list has hundreds of numbers on it not just one (your number).  So I need your number so  it can be deleted.

AW:    I don't think I should give you my number.  What's your name?


AW:  Well I hope I'm not sorry for giving you this – it's xxx xxx xxxx
And, let me tell you Emjay if I get one more fax I will report you to the FBI.


And, as if it's not enough that I have to worry about appearing on a 10 most wanted list, my work computer ceased to be able to get onto the internet.  Click on the icon and the hourglass would appear for a few seconds and then go away without a browser appearing.   I still had network access and email -  I just couldn't do any fun stuff! 

After a few freeze ups where control-alt-delete wouldn't even bring up the Task Manager and I had to pull the plug out to get the stupid thing to turn off;  I called in the IT expert.

IT expert arrives 4 hours later (we're a big office) and proceeds to click on the Explorer icon a few times; computer freezes;  control-alt-delete will not come up.

"Mmmm" he says "we'll have to turn it off"….    He looks at the computer and asks "is this the button?"


And people wonder why I drink!



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23 responses

  1. Yes most wanted for unwanted faxes! FBI number one! Did she hear your accent and think she could scare you or something?? Also love the I.T. tec asking for the power button now that is funny but I have meet ones that are not too smart either. making you not only want to drink but do drugs as well! although that might be there problem too much drugs and alcohol………Life is its own comedy fest!

  2. I used to hate the IT people when I worked. They always approached all of us as if WE caused the problem and therefore WE were the problem, not the network or the computers. I love the phone call… too funny!

  3. LOL – I think she must watch too much television! Or maybe she had already tried calling 911 ! Yeah – I need the secret admin password for the computer………..

  4. Through the switchboard our IT department gets the most calls. There are 3 guys and an admin and they are supporting 100 in the office and then another 150 people in satellites. So yeah they can get pretty overworked (and abused) at times.

  5. I was biting my tongue to stop laughing at the caller. I don't scare that easy! Our IT guys are not too bad with the blame game – or at least not with me as I've only called them a few times over the years. But, I've certainly found that attitude when contacting some Help Desks!

  6. Oh my…what a very unhappy lady you had on the phone…I'm sure it's a little reflective of her general disposition! πŸ™‚
    Too funny about the IT guy… πŸ˜‰

  7. International terrorists "sleeper" cells … interstate criminal activity … investigations into congressional misdoings … but, yeah, the FBI would probably drop all of that to go after someone sending a fax …I'd be tempted to take that fax number and post it all over the internet.

  8. LOL- that is so funny, in a tragic sort of way. Stupidity lives on!Honestly, though, I wouldn't mind running into a stupid IT guy at work- the ones here always succeed in making me feel stupid.

  9. Seriously, all jokes aside, this is the sort of paranoia we contend with daily. No wonder so many people have to be on anti-depressants and relaxants just to cope with simply waking up each day.

  10. I wonder if the FBI has a "specialist" who deals exclusively with calls like that – I'm pretty sure they get plenty of callers reporting things not connected to what the FBI actually deals with.

  11. In your profession you are probably going to see many people like this poor woman. Yes – I've had IT people before who have blamed me for breaking a computer. LOL – the Comcast person made me feel silly recently when our phone went out and I used "chat" online to report it – he managed to do that without even talking to me!

  12. That is sadly true Ninja. On the other hand, I answer the phone ~300 times a day and get a full spectrum of "personalities" – it's a wonder I am not on tranquilizers to go with my wine.

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