The house still stands ….


The neighbourhood fire works started at 8.30 and finally dwindled down so that I was able to go to bed around midnight.  There was an amazing quantity of fireworks set off in a mile radius of me last night.   Thousands of dollars must have been spent on crackers.   This seems so wasteful to me!    There was a suffocating mix of sulfur, saltpeter (potassium nitrate) and charcoal in the air and it permeated the house.

I sat on our top deck and watched as fireworks came out of the sky towards our roof, deck and awning!    I took all of these photos with my Canon point & shoot; hand held and mostly just pointed up above me.  "Blue" sky are the earlier in the evening shots.
The dark "thing" on the right is the awning…..  all canvas, just waiting to burn! 

One of my neighbours had a party and almost set their bamboo screen fence on fire.  I watched as many of their fireworks "fell over" and guests were forced to run under cover or down the alley to escape!  I saw the girl this morning and she said "next year we plan to be safer"  …..    

I actually managed a series here: 

Some shots directly overhead and some over the houses across the alley.  Not as sensational as major fireworks like those on the National Mall, but they were plenty powerful enough for the small spaces they were set off in:



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  1. People should respect the regulation. I know that fireworks are dangerous.They could be harmful for the people who are firing but it is really risky for the houses.Futhermore as you point of that is wasteful and quite unproductive comparating to

  2. Fireworks are technically illegal in Mass but police tend to look the other way. People are such jerks this time of year – the 2 nights before is when I can't sleep, so much noise in the town!
    Gorgeous photos though!! How cool you could see from there, and you nearly got to see a bonfire LOL (sorry it's not funny except in a twisted way…)

  3. Great pictures. Fireworks are so hard to capture unless you have a fancy camera.And here in the UK people, well mainly teenagers, always get stupid with fireworks around bonfire night. Last year I saw one kid running up my street aiming one of those fireworks that shoots stuff out of the top at another.It's Darwinism at its best.

  4. You did good with that P&S. It never ceases to amaze me – they passed an ordinance to make it illegal to shoot fireworks in the city limits. So, they also put out a notice to not call 9-1-1 to report illegal fireworks, but give no alternate number to call. Guess what happens! LOL Fortunately, the biggest part of the neighborhood are good, law abiding citizens.

  5. so you were between the enjoyment and the unenjoyment of the night, sure I bet there were some pretty fire works but having to stay up to keep your place from burning down kind of puts a damper on things especially if you wanted to go to bed early and get some sleep! But if you had not stayed up every stray spark would have landed on your home!

  6. Wasn't too bad around here. The M60s and M80s didn't come out till late and even then there were very few. LOTS of parties – though you wouldn't know it from my catatonic state. I was in bed before midnight.

  7. Great photos! I know what you mean about the waste of money on fireworks. I remember my dad saying, "you might as well take the dollar bills & light them on fire!" lol Kids don't understand that concept, though! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope you had a wonderful 4th! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I had some bad experiences with private fireworks on Bastille Day in France some years ago when I was walking along the roads in Paris. Although it was wonderful I was a bit frightened to be hurt… If people keep control over that what they are doing firework is a wonderful way to express your happiness. I love to have a look at it!

  9. Nice pictures. We watched fireworks up and down the beach… those from a nearby town and those from motels and neighbors who were all breaking the law. But it was the 4th! And they were beautiful out over the lake.

  10. LOL @ bonfire! Yes, the neighbours were quite entertaining with their fire. I just heard more fireworks tonight! I can't people still have any left!

  11. LOL – yes Darwinism indeed! Last year it was a kid about 11-12 who was problematic; this year it was my neighbours in their 20's …… . Yes, I need a fancy camera and a tripod!

  12. LOL – I'm glad it survived too….. I intend to have many, many years in this house. I guess that means I will be having many July 4s camped out on the deck! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. There are "approved" fireworks but I don't think anyone was using them on Saturday! There are still some going off tonight across the street – ooh; there goes one now!

  14. They sell "approved" fireworks in those little stalls but the people who buy them must take them to a nice open space like a park to let them off sensibly. I didn't see any sparkler's or those other "nice" ones …… it was all loud bangs and big explosions. I don't think anyone bothers to call either 911 or 311 to complain. (311 is the non-urgent line here).

  15. LOL …. yes, I did wonder why they couldn't plan on safety this year. At least they only had to hose down their fence and not someone's house or person.

  16. What can I say? It's July 4! It's what we do. 8:-)Yeah – and I enjoy a nice fireworks display. But this just seems excessive and uncontrolled (still going off tonight). We have a park and a school oval a block from here – lovely open space just calling out for people to take their fireworks to.

  17. I guess there is fun in danger – for some. If they survive maybe they grow up to be sensible adults……. (mmm). There was a fire about a mile away started by teenagers letting off fireworks in the carpark of a highrise. Apparently sparks got into the a/c unit. Police also reported that the boys were chasing each other with lit rockets and throwing lit fireworks at each other until a huge fight broke out.

  18. But if you had not stayed up every stray spark would have landed on your home!LOL – that's usually the sort of thing that happens isn't it!! Yes there were some pretty ones but I would've preferred them to be further from me.

  19. LOL …. I think the police just lie low. It must be difficult for them to prioritize their call outs on the 4th. Not sure if it's gunshots or fireworks – they sound pretty similar – especially now all the bad guys are running around with automatic handguns.

  20. Thank you – yes I love my Canon! It's the 2nd Canon point & shoot I've had. My crazy neighbours don't play loud music to annoy me though like yours do! ๐Ÿ™‚ (thank God).

  21. "you might as well take the dollar bills & light them on fire!"Your father was absolutely correct, I think! There are so many things I would rather spend my money on – or even things I would waste my money on – over fireworks. Like food! LOL.

  22. I love organised fireworks displays. There are wonderful fireworks over the National Mall here in DC and the Harbour Bridge in Sydney. They are planned with safety and public enjoyment in mind. The people who let them off in these tiny backyards are not giving much thought to the safety of their neighbour's or the houses – and not everyone enjoys all the noise and activity so close.

  23. Oh yes fireworks over water are wonderful. The fireworks on New Year's Eve in Sydney are fantastic as they use the harbour and the Harbour Bridge. I had New Year's Eve in Hawaii a couple of years and everyone sets off fireworks on the beaches (yes even the manservant and I did).

  24. It's a pretty noisy neighborhood so they were fine inside. But the last 2 nights people have set off firecrackers while Boo & Moshi were outside and I had to run out and call them inside.

  25. But this just seems excessive and uncontrolled (still going off tonight). I do know what you mean. Fireworks are completely illegal in my city (other than official displays), but when I was growing up they were completely legal and unregulated. You can still legally purchase anything you want just outside the city limits. This makes the laws nearly impossible to enforce. And, yes, my neighbors are still setting off the leftovers, too.

  26. Crazy isn't it? The money and the risk factor! We had three houses and 8 vehicles on one street burn down this year over here by my parents. My mom said the twelve year old woke up her parents and they got out in their underwear, but nothing else.

  27. Wow!! That's exactly what I am scared of!! I will never feel comfortable not being home on July 4 – or going to bed before all the "action" has died down for the night. There are so many reasons I don't want to be out in the street in my underwear!

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