Yesterday afternoon I was sitting on the furthest end of the platform waiting for my train when a girl approached all smiley face. Hi, she says, sits down and commences to strip out of her work clothes into gym clothes!!   We were a long way from any other commuters but I wonder if she realised there was a CCTV camera right there!

I woke up this morning with a stiff right side – from neck to hip.   How can you get so injured just quietly lying in bed all night?   

Yesterday I had my first ever bone scan.  The technician touched my left foot without telling me she was about to and I  kicked her.  It is amazing how something so dead (technically "numb") is so sensitive!   If you are going to touch my foot you have to start at the couple of toes with feeling and work up!

My black toenail, injured the first week of December,  finally fell off.  Well, it didn't actually just fall off -  it got caught on the bathmat and mostly ripped off.  Ouch!

At my recent girl's party comments along the lines of "you should use these again" prompted me to put the plastic (disposable) plates in the dishwasher (though alcohol consumption may well have contributed too).   I did turn off the "additional heat'   and used the lowest/quickest setting.  Near the end there was that funky smell of melting plastic and I was feeling pretty panicky as I opened the door.  I was lucky as they were still intact but I would not recommend doing this  – I would hate to be responsible for someone clogging up their pipes with gunky green plastic.   We have used these plates since but they will not get to hold food a 3rd time.  They were Solo grips and really were great! 

I finally got to pick my first radishes today!  After eating all those damn leaves at last I get to eat the "fruits" – these first ones were sweet and tender: 

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  1. Even when I was young, I was way too modest to be stripping off like that! Yeah, I don't know what is wrong with my neck & side but I hope it is back to normal tomorrow! I have felt quite "off" all day today.

  2. I am sure she brightened up the miserable day for some bored CCTV camera supervisor. Bless her, and may many more women take a leaf out of her book and make rail travel a much more pleasant experience. (well for 50% of the population anyway)

  3. Daughter1 has the touch my foot and I will kick you reflex too – was always fun trying to cut her toenails when she was a child! Obviously The Boy must fair better, but as a mother I don't want to go there!!!!
    You are terribly mean to your feet aren't you? Perhaps protective footwear?

  4. I have always wondered how a comfy bed can feel like you sleep on rocks or something overnight! and the whole body feels like some one sneaked in during the night and beat you up or made you do exercises????

  5. Stripping girl! What the?! Um, there must be something about you that makes them comfy enough to do it near you! haha
    Too bad about that toe! Hope it gets better!
    And I love the deep colour on those radishes!!

  6. lil sis and I often wake with stiff necks due to sleep, we call them sleeping injuries, it sounds dramatic and a little S&M lol
    I don't believe I have ever had a radish, but now that i see a pic of yours I am going to put them on my list of things to do.

  7. Ha! LOL…. at first I wondered if it was some sort of set up to get my reaction (a la Candid Camera). She said something like: "it saves so much time this way" I gave a non committal "mmm" and stared straight ahead – though my peripheral vision is good!

  8. After eating all those radish leaves in an effort to thin the "herd" (herb? LOL) I was pleased to finally get an actual radish. I imagine I will be able to get a few a day now until they are finished.

  9. I was probably looking "grandmotherly" ….. I was a little suspicious that it was some sort of set-up at first. Yeah – my poor toe – it doesn't like only having half a nail. That half of the nailbed is not used to being "aired".

  10. LOL – sleeping injury! It definitely has an S&M undertone – but I like it!! You've never had a radish? Sometimes they are cut up and put in potato salads or coleslaw so you might have had one without realising. If you buy a bunch at Woolies choose ones that have a fresh looking red/pink colour – the dark ones are older and not as nice.

  11. Ahem … you buy DISPOSABLE plates so you can DISPOSE of them. My sister's mother-in-law used to drive her crazy by washing all the little plastic forks and spoons. My sister told her repeatedly that the reason she got the plastic ones for picnics and cookouts was so she could just throw everything away and be done with it … that if she'd wanted to wash dishes she would have used her regular utensils. Her mother-in-law just remarked that she didn't mind … and then put the plastic stuff in the drawer with the regular stuff … and my sister made sure that at every meal after that her mother-in-law had plastic utensils while everyone else used the normal ones.

  12. The red "bulb" starts pressing out of the ground and you can see how big it is. So far I have not let any get huge because I don't think they taste as good as the medium sized ones. (Plus someone who commented when I thinned them out told me 5 weeks from planting to maturity and that is about now).

  13. Ha ha – that's really funny about the MIL and plastic cutlery. The manservant puts any plasticware he gets with take-aways in the drawer and I complain all the time. He says "you never know when you might need it" …… as if the silverware is going to mysteriously disappear. I throw them away when he's not looking (the plastic not the metal). LOL – the youtube comment – I hope not!

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