More from my ‘hood


On the lookout for mural thieves:  

No Smoking?  Why not?  These are the legal fireworks.  All the illegal ones will come out on Saturday night.  (I thought I was standing straight!):  

Do you have to be wealthy to shop here: 

Do ice cream "trucks" get robbed often by kids?  

Reptilian friends front and back:  

And a playmate: 

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18 responses

  1. Love the Reptiles although the albino boa is not good to wear like a necklace but one day he will learn. And that is a nice iguana, but you think even with a belt the guy could hold up his pants but he must have no hips at all! That van too many bad tasteless jokes could be made of it so I will pick on your shot of the fire works place is your ankle all right or are you after moving around on a more and more lean??

  2. The Ice Cream Truck with all the "Caution Children" signs … Oklahoma just had to pass a law making it illegal for convicted and registered sex offenders to work on ice cream trucks. Wouldn't you have thought that would have been common sense?

  3. LOL – it certainly seems that I was leaning way over when I took that shot of the fireworks stall. I am walking pretty well now but maybe I can't stand! I don't think I would ever be able to put any sort of reptile around my neck! I've never seen an ice cream van with "security" grilles over the windows before.

  4. I so wanna tell that guy to yank up his pants!I totally agree. I see young guys hanging around the metro station that can barely walk properly because their pants are hanging halfway down their thighs!

  5. Wouldn't you have thought that would have been common sense? Oh! Most definitely!! The thing that so appealed to me about this truck was that there were security grilles on the windows – including the one where they pass the ice cream out. There's something just really tragic about having to do that!

  6. LOL – It's a snake, it wriggles, I'm not going any closer! The larger iguana had a really long tail also – they were such a pretty green colour. The author George Pelecanos sets a lot of his characters in my area – actually even in my street!

  7. Your neighbourhood is fascinating. Sally and I once saw a collection of albino pythons in Santa Barbara and she was game enough to have one draped around her neck, but I declined.

  8. Thanks, Emjay! You are right. It is very peaceful, but I can always find something to take pictures of. I haven't been down to the lake in awhile. It has been too windy. Perhaps tonight I can get some shots of the moon reflected in the lake.

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