And the Parade passed by….


Yesterday was the 17th annual Caribbean Parade and Festival.  Last year was the first year we went – because the parade passes by within walking distance of where we now live.

So, yesterday I slathered on the sunscreen and off we went.

There didn't seem to be as many flamboyant costumes as last year (the economy??) but the stilt walkers were there again and, as before, there was a lot of flesh on display amongst the proud and beautiful people.


This year there were metal barriers the length of the parade route (about 5 miles) because last year someone got run over by one of the trucks.  It is a bit hard to see how this could happen given that the trucks are driving about a mile an hour, there is plenty of time to see them coming – and they are mighty big trucks…..  

The barriers made it difficult to get close to those parading and they mostly walked/danced down the centre so I looked with envy at anyone with any sort of telephoto lens……  

  DC's Mayor Adrian Fenty walked along throwing out beads – a la Mardi Gras…   

  His Hummer followed in case he got tired…..

Then the fun began….   (you can see a larger version of any photo by clicking on it).



…These were the only heels I saw in this parade (it was a sensible shoes day):


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43 responses

  1. what wonderful pics, I agree with FD , I love the self confidence of the people in the parade. I also really love your new profile pic, very clever.

  2. What a fantastic collection of photos Emjay. I wish the Caribbean was not so far away……to experience one of the carnivale's they have there would be something really special. You've set me a'dreamin' once again πŸ˜‰

  3. I found myself looking through your photos hoping to find the one where you were cavorting about in your lead apron…did you chicken out? Its okay…I'm not kicking you out of my hood just because you took out the best pictures. πŸ™‚ Glad you had some fun. You're really going to have to consider a DSLR. I mean you do good with that P&S of yours but…well, just a thought or maybe just my two cents worth… The Fourth of July is coming up, lots of outdoor activity in your city. Do you recall how to photograph fireworks? Betcha do and can probl do it in 35mm too! πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you. It was pretty hot standing in the sun and the paraders must have been hot jiving along the street. I must've had enough sunscreen on though because there was no sunburn!

  5. I wish I had their confidence! Oh – so do I FD; so do I. I was told that we wouldn't worry so much about what others thought once we got to be over 50……..

  6. Oh Margy there was shaking the ground music! They had trucks where the entire "bed" was filled with incredibly large speakers; they had other trucks with calypso type bands; they had drums on the street; on one vacant lot they had huge speakers standing behind locked gates – this made me laugh as it would have been near impossible for anyone to steal them by just walking off with them. It was one big feast of sight and sound.

  7. The costumes were really spectacular – though not as many as last year. The weather was ideal for all the bikinis……. perhaps they fortified with rum before they ventured out. (I would have to!).

  8. Thank you. It was a wonderfully colourful. We have quite a large population of Caribbean people in the DC region. Just in my immediate neighbourhood we have 3 Jamaican eateries and a bakery.

  9. I have you dreaming of the Caribbean and you have me dreaming of platypuses! πŸ™‚ It's a strange world! Yes I imagine Carnivale on the islands is really spectacular – perhaps one day…..

  10. LOL – I hope to never appear in a photo in a lead apron! Actually, I think it pretty unlikely you would find a photo of me in a bikini either. πŸ™‚ July 4 – there are likely to be many, many illegal fireworks set off in my neighbourhood – I might be found with a hose watering the house down rather than with a camera! (last year was our first July 4 in the house and we were glad that it was drizzling rain as the teenagers across the alley had little regard for where their fireworks were pointed!).

  11. I took 211 photos! I have lots of shots of interesting crowd members that I must go through. That's the great thing about digital photography – I could never have afforded to run off 211 film shots. I remember going off to things like this with a roll of 36 and saving shots incase something really good came along! LOL.

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