The gift of wine


Today started with rain  – we have had so much rain recently that the water tank has been in constant overflow.    The front lawn is about a foot high and I was looking forward to the manservant mowing it when he got back from Chile today. 
But, when I looked out the window I did not see a manservant arriving by taxi;  I saw raindrops and envisioned another few inches of growth in that grass. 

When the manservant returns from playing astro-dweeb he generally brings something back for me.  If the trip is to Australia,  he arrives back looking like a Red Cross parcel carrier – full of goodies from home.   When he first started going to Chile he would bring perfume back from the Duty Free store.  But he was supplying more than I was using so he came up with a better idea.  Something I am sure to use:  Wine!


He goes to a Chilean supermarket and buys 6 bottles of Chilean wine. Six bottles will last me about 18 days.   There is nothing nicer than coming home and sitting out on the deck having a glass to clear my head of the day! 


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  1. If you ever get over this way let me know – I'd share some wine with you. Not sure how my neighbours would enjoy a goat bleating in my front yard! Actually, I'd be worried that it might get stolen!

  2. Wow! I am a Chilian wine lover myself. I see some wines in your photos familiar to me! Montes Alfa, Tabali…Now I feel I must be leaving, leaving for my night cap. lol

  3. Love the photos, you have a real eye for unusual shots. Wine is a nice gift, as is rain if I get really philisophical about it (that is when I'm not pumping my fist at the sky…)

  4. Funny I thought I had wrote a comment on your post??? well you could still put a dab of wine behind each ear some wines smell very nice but I think it would defiantly go better in a glass headed for a good sip of it! I would say you drink a little too much but only if I compared you to someone who did not drink, and such a more useful present a relaxer for after work better then any misuse gadget and goes good with food! I just can not drink it because of the instant headache when I take a sip you would think it was brain freeze from chugging a too cold milkshake!

  5. Love the photos (especially of the wet screen) and your appreciation of AstroDweeb's gifts. Sounds (and looks) delicious and from your own private importer! — JG

  6. LOL – sometimes I think I have commented on someone's blog and then I realise that I read them in neighbourhood view and didn't actually click on their post. Each bottle lasts me three days which isn't too bad. Even cardiologists say now that a drink a day is good for us. When I drink 3 bottles a day I will worry! 🙂

  7. Thank you re the photos. Having a personal importer makes it seem very snobbish. 🙂 These Carmenere wines are very nice – I finished the first bottle this evening.

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