Impressive Skies


As I walked home from the station this evening I wondered if I would beat a storm.   The winds were really whipping up as I went out into the back alley to retrieve the rubbish and recycling bins. 

I took my camera with me to photograph the really impressive sky… 

This was the sky from the front porch over the top of our Japanese Maple tree and the roof of the church at the end of the block. I love the bright light over the top of the church! 

We've had some tremendous storms recently.  I am surprised that my veggies and seedlings have not washed out of the pots.  Perhaps they have by now.  I just heard that a tree was knocked over in the White House grounds today so what hope do my poor little things have!  

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  1. That first picture is very interesting. The way the building on the left is slanting to the right and the pole on the right is slanting to the left…it has a fish-eye effect to it. Or maybe it's just the curvy wires that are tricking my eyes. Either way, I like it.

  2. They're fantastic images. I love storms, always have. Never really had any decent ones in the UK (read my powercut post – that was one rumble and a flash!!) but when I stayed in Florida nearly 20 years ago, there was one pretty much every night. Seen a few nice ones on the island of Jersey but lame in comparison to these shots. Nice camerawork too πŸ™‚

  3. Last night it rain so hard it sounded like it was going to pound its way through the roof!But you got some great shots of the sky what a beautiful looking sky (yes i am a thunderstorm lover) some times it is things like that that make one feel so small compared to the power of nature, and also the beauty of how nature can change things in moments that you can almost hear a soundtrack of music to the beauty of a storm. although it dose mess a lot of things up Hope your plants survive alright! but your water bucket should be full!

  4. Ya ever sorta wonder if its a good idea to live that close to the government? Mind you, I'm not saying Heaven & Co. is upset about what the government is doing…just that when the cloulds get that really serious look to them…don't it make ya sorta wonder?

  5. Wow. I just heard from a friend of mine in nearby Baltimore. There's been some pretty significant damage, from what I hear. It's overcast and rainy up here in Boston, cold too, but nothing like what you're experiencing.

  6. Thank you WB. Gorgeous until they opened up with all the associated noise and flashing – oh, and water! The average annual rainfall here is 39 inches. We've had 21 inches in 2 weeks now.

  7. I hope it's the curvy wires or we have a major structural issue with our line of row houses! I went out this afternoon and put my head against our back wall and studied the row – we're reasonably straight for something built in 1920.

  8. Thank you Pete. Jersey? I spent a couple of months on Guernsey many years ago (my father is a Guernseyman). I remember some huge gale force wind storms – mainly because they kept cancelling my hydrofoil trip to France!

  9. I took that very hydrofoil from Jersey to France and the crossing was superlative. I'm still stunned by the images you posted. They truly are beautful.I never got to Guernsey but Jersey is somewhere I've been and loved, more than once!

  10. I must say I'm pretty pleased with them myself! I went to Sark & Helm while I was there but not Jersey. There are some amazing coastlines on the islands.

  11. Most definitely. I fed one of the seagulls (read albatross) there half a pork pie which I had soaked in wine. I was in the car as the weather had turned for the worse, and the chap in the car next to me watched with a frown on his face until he realised what I was doing. We chuckled merrily as the seagull took to the beach and staggered around for a bit. Would go back there tomorrow.

  12. There is never too much. Sadly I am working and as such cannot enjoy the fineries that are offered by vendors of intoxicating beverages. Still, when I get home (probably 6am) it will be beer then bed for me πŸ˜€

  13. Nature's shows are the best ones and they are free! I do worry about the skylight when the rain is this heavy. When I was growing up we had a tin roof and the rain sounded wonderful on it – most of the time we were in drought so when it did rain it was especially sweet! So far the seedlings are hanging on!

  14. We are going to have a reprieve for a couple of days but more wet weather is forecast for the beginning of the week. I would like to be able to say that the rain is good for my garden but I'm beginning to think that it is a bit much for some of the poor little veggies.

  15. Beautiful when I'm sitting in the house; scary when I'm in the middle of a field! We got irrigation on the farm when I was a mid teenager. My biggest fear was standing in a puddle of water pulling pipes out of the channel and being struck by lightning! (we seemed to get more lightning shows than actual rain showers).

  16. Thank you Claret…. the weather is extreme everywhere! The princess was telling me that it was minus 2 in Sydney the other morning – and it's only the beginning of June!

  17. wowowowowowowow those are BEAUTIFUL pictures of some tumultuous skies!!!!!!!The weather has been just scary lately…so many storms, so much rain!! and flooding today…tornados…are your plants ok?

  18. Thank you Robbie. Yes the storms have been quite tremendous. All the pepper seedlings were washed out of their pots (not mature enough roots to resist all that water) but everything else is doing really well. I think all the rain has given the peony foliage mould – the leaves have grey spots on them.

  19. Thank you James. The storms have been loud and heavy with some really nasty lightning. I loved the way the black clouds came rumbling across with such a demarcation between them and clear sky. It seemed that you could walk a few blocks away and not be in rain!

  20. Thank you – sorry for the delay in responding. I saw your nice clouds! They looked like they have flames through them. We've had a couple more big storms since I took these but there were either at night or while I was at work.

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