Shades of pink…..


According to their website nearly 45,000 people participated in the  20th running of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® in Washington today and raised $4.3 million to fund breast cancer programs.   

The manservant and I were up early and down at the National Mall by 7.30 to meet up with other members of my work team and to have our group photo taken. Before the crowds:

  I was very impressed with the race number I got this year 


Before the events started people were lining up for the porta-loos….

The morning's events started with a parade of more than 3,600 breast cancer survivors, including 21 survivors from 18 countries,  who walked onto the National Mall to the song "Pink Warrior"  performed by Candy Coburn.

The official program included VP Joe Biden introducing wife, Dr. Jill Biden, and HRH Prince Alexander II and Princess Katherine of Serbia. You probably have to take my word on this photo: 

The race has been renamed this year as Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure to highlight the growing number of breast cancer cases worldwide.  To symbolize this a seven foot pink globe was raised.  We were not close enough to see this being lifted into the air but I was right at the fence where Survivor of the Year 2009, Sara Fought and Survivor of the Year 2008 gladly posed for a photo.

This man's tee-shirt had a powerful message:

Then the walk started and we slow shuffled forward…… 


I wonder if she walked the entire 3 mile course.  We did not – we did the short version.  It wasn't so much because I thought I could not walk 3 miles on my crappy foot but because I had been standing for such a long time before we started that it had started to swell a bit.   (And, tonight we are walking to a jazz concert at the Smithsonian!). 

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  1. Awesome photos, Emjay! Great cause, good on you lady. Nice work and Looove the photos – everyone looks great in pink. I hope the researchers take the money and rock the cure!

  2. Very powerful to be around so many people touched by cancer. I am trying to decide whether I can handle the Relay for Life walk this year. I couldn't last year, and may wind up being a big baby again. It is such a good cause and with the advancements made in the treatments, I do believe that a major portion of the funds are put toward BC research. Thank you for participating!

  3. Gosh, it's been a long time since I've been to DC. Looking at the pics reminded me of the mall and the wonderful things that are there. I took part in a DC rally for abortion rights in the early 1990s. There were hundreds of thousands of people there.

  4. some have to keep up appearances even though it will almost kill them I have one to try some time in the near future, thank god for morphine I will make it just might have to have some one else drive me home!Sounds like a good time and a great jazz concert later nice!

  5. Good on you Emjay, what a fantastic cause. Love the pics, don't African American women have proud bottoms? We are walking the relay for life again this year, my workmate is on the committee so I am sure I will be involved too.

  6. Your photos are the best impressive report on the Walk and the cause. I'm glad the weather was kind, too.
    We also have Pink Ribbon day, Oct. 1, to promote check-ups and more public budgets for protection.

  7. I love this! I always volunteer for our Sydney, Australia equivalent (Dove Cancer walk) and yes, we come across bizarre stuff like this too. The only difference is ours is also at night ( I suppose it enables more working people to participate).
    And over the years the number of people participating has slowly increased but not as many as I see above!
    We also get some people dress up in completely bizarre clothing! LOL
    Good on you for participating! It's fantastic!

  8. wouldn't surprise if that woman in heels walked the miles, some women wear them all day plus there's those high-heel competitive races so a leisurely stroll for a cause would be a walk in a park, no pun intended. good on ya for participating!

  9. I can't do it yet either Gina. Just looking at these pictures made me cry, I am sure that I'm not ready emotionally.That being said, Emmy, thank you so much for participating. The stats now are 1 in 7 women. ONE IN SEVEN! we need desperately to race for a cure, a kinder cure.

  10. Congratulations on completing the walk, Emjay. As has been said more times than I can remember this is a wonderful cause and sadly affects too many of us. One day there will be a cure. That day will be soon, especially with the efforts of people like you and everyone else who managed this and all the other walks world wide.
    Once again, congratulations, and you're right – the number you were given was great! Did you go round in stealth spy mode? 🙂

  11. It is incredibly emotional to see the survivors in their brighter pink and those walking in memory of others. Yes I think most of the money is now being targeted for research and detection rather than admin.

  12. Oooh – I like your new photo! I hope that you make your walk – even if someone has to drive you home! The jazz concert was a recreation of a 1959 Thelonious Monk concert.

  13. I think all these walks are wonderful ideas. They benefit a cause and they get people out and doing a bit of exercise. I would love to have a shapely bottom!!!

  14. It was very interesting (and depressing) to hear the Princess of Serbia speak. Serbia has the highest breast cancer mortality rate in Europe. They still need 40 mammography machines to be able to screen women effectively. They only have 3 digital mammography machines in the country and they have one Mobile unit which travels the country. Depressing figures.

  15. Thank you Pete. I hope the day of the cure is not too far off. In the meantime I hope the rate of early detection and effective treatment continues to improve. LOL – I was in stealth mode once I decided I was only going to do the short course….

  16. hey, there's impressive heeled footwork at those races. not for me of course, i can barely manage the quarter-inch heel, barefooted hippie that i am, but there's some real talent out there on 6-inch stilettos! (and not necessarily all of them female either)

  17. I knew you could do it. And I knew your manservant wouldn't have to push you across the finish line in a shopping basket from the local soviet safeway. 🙂

  18. LOL! You know you can't actually steal their trolleys. They have a locked wheel system so if you wheel them past a line painted on the ground a "block" drops down on the front wheel and it won't move any further. I'm not sure if that happens if one carries a trolley over the yellow line or just wheels it.

  19. OMG are you serious? Anti-theft trolleys? Is the gov't going to do that with us? Go past a certain point and a block falls down to limit our freedom on the Government Motors vehicle that we will be driving? OMG, imprisoned within a soviet safeway parking lot, forced to forever shop at safeway…. 🙂

  20. LOL – I haven't tried to steal one but I have seen one lock up as someone attempted to get their trolley of groceries closer to their car. I took photos of it actually. I must find and post them!

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