Cat’s tiles travel the internet

As most of you know Cat, my sister, makes decorative wall tiles using photos our grandfather took many years ago as well as images she works up from somewhere deep in her mind.  In her spare time on the weekend, she whipped up a entire website!   

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21 responses

  1. what a great job and after reading her comment she reminds me of a person who also could build these lovely web pages but he hated doing it but like your sister "cat" could create such a great web page with such easy!Great work CAT hope you enjoy making these pages because you have a nice eye for design and layou!

  2. She is very determined once she starts something. I don't have much patience for just sitting and working things out. I tend to jump from activity to activity and then get annoyed that nothing is actually finished!

  3. She does a great job. I bought some of her tiles on one of my trips home and then gave them to people here as souvenirs when I came back. I have a set of the tiles and they look great. I hope to have a set in the bathroom one day….

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