Saturday weirdness…


The manservant went out to get a few things this morning while I planted some seeds in our little back yard.

When he came back he asked :  who mowed our lawn?   

Me:   No one mowed our lawn.

Him:  Yes, someone did.  (Note:  he did not once assume that I might have done it).

I went out the front to look and yes, indeed, someone has mown our lawn!


Here is our little backyard taken from our top deck.    All those pots contain peppers and herbs!  The funky little white thing is a planter stand (I think),  but I prefer to think of it as a little seat for gnomes! 

Steps from the bottom deck down into the courtyard. I quite often imagine myself lying on those pavers – not because I think that would be nice, but because I have fallen down those steps! 

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  1. be careful on those stairs E! My Mom fell down our back stairs when I was in High School – she broke her ankle. Take your time – i fall easily as well – i have a terribly unsteady gate. i think it's because i was carried by soilders in something like this, but with pillows and such in a former life. so walking is rather new to me ; ) love the garden.

  2. I can see where you could picture yourself laying on the tiles from a fall on those stairs! Be careful going up and down. Love the way the little courtyard is arranged – looks so alive and colorful.

  3. ouch you can say I have fallen but can not get up! Not a good place to take a fall but looks like a good little garden area!And of course it always has to be someone else but you who would have mowed the lawn, show me a couple and I will show you the same frame of mind! Take good care on the stairs not what you want to go tumbling down!

  4. Thank you Gina – especially when it is wet, I look like a little old lady going down the steps! The manservant nailed down a couple of boards that were loose today. I've added a couple more pots since the photo was taken – I have one with seeds of spring onions and one with seeds for raddish – they are bright lime green!

  5. LOL – I would love to have a gnome take the rubbish out too! I hope the gnome pulls some weeds out of the garden in his spare time. I have the same problem with the weather here – hot & humid in summer and cold in winter. Bulbs seem to do well and so do my roses. I think we just have to get used to having a lot of bare dirt in winter!!

  6. It's still a mystery. The funny thing is that I heard a mower/whipper snipper when I was out the back and didn't give it a second thought as I assumed it was someone nearby – we have an old fashioned push mower. Perhaps someone was offended by the length of our grass – though it was not high or untidy (in our opinion!).

  7. It's a lovely little courtyard – it gets the sun all day, year round, though in winter that sun doesn't hold any warmth. On the w/ends I have my morning coffee on the deck looking at all those pots!

  8. My puny little collectoin of garden pots is put to shame by your impressive collection. I am clearly going to have to work harder…
    The lawn was probably mowed by some OCD neighbour with a bee in in their bonnet about neighbourhood lawn lengths. I know these people exist because I am actually married to one. Seriously, he mows other people's lawns. Sometimes he's a bit of a nutter.

  9. LOL – does he really!! I can imagine doing that for one of our elderly neighbours but we are still pretty able-bodied. Our grass wasn't that long! The manservant was going to do it on the Sunday – this saved him a job.

  10. Mmmmm – let's look at my neighbours… one side is the elderly lady and the other is a bible carrying (literally) young lady waits for her fiance to come over and do all her yardwork on the w/ends. My money is still on the gnomes.. 🙂

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