Saturday weirdness continued into the evening… 

A stretch hummer parked in front of our house for a few hours last night.   The car was the length of more than the entire width of our house!!!! 

Obviously waiting to go back somewhere to pick up party goers, it was weird that they were lucky to find a space big enough on our residential street normally filled with resident's cars.    You can just make out the mysteriously mowed lawn! 


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  1. LOL – not very discreet! There were a couple of Federal "Protective Services" cars parked in our street the other day …. we made jokes about witness protection.

  2. that is not a vehicle of continence, where you could easily park it anywhere and yes that is a nice job on the lawn, must be those lawn elves who cut it or maybe a lawn Nome! I wish our lawn was that small!

  3. Ha yeah our lawn is so small we have a push mower – overkill would be a ride-on. The guy across the street "mows" his with a whipper snipper. It was really unusual that there would be 4 car spaces (maybe 5) in a row on our street.

  4. Hmm, I'm wondering, also, whether the mysteriously mowed lawn is connected to the ridiculously long car. Maybe the lawn mowing was a "pre-pay" for parking in front of your house all night.

  5. how did you manage to restrain yourself from going down to ask for a tour?I had my nightie on which is not really street suitable. 🙂 I wonder if the driver would've shared any of those snacks or drinks though…

  6. LOL – a parking tariff. I didn't notice anything "marking" their spot during the early evening …. perhaps they pushed cars out of the way to make space for themselves.

  7. Yes I would! And wouldn't it be fun to find a whole bunch of bewildered people inside wondering how people can get intrusive and voyeuristic enough to turn up with camera in hand at some stranger's car window! 😀

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