We have overflow…


It finally rained so there was a sense of excitement when we went to check the status of the new water tank.

This is what a sprinkle of rain will give off a 900 square foot roof:

I'm sure it was much more exciting when it was really raining.   But, the real rain fell during the night when it was dark and I was asleep.  And, frankly,  even if I had been awake I'm not sure I would've gone out in the storm to get a photo of water gushing out of a downpipe.

It was with anticipation that the tap & hose was turned on for the first time: 

The initial pressure was pretty good but it only lasted 30 seconds – then it settled down to what you would expect – enough to use a soaker hose or to fill a bucket slowly!   But  – everything worked as it should and there were no leaks from the tank.  The tank is actually so full that water is coming out the overflow: 

Now we have to wait for some hot, dry weather to be able to actually use the water on the garden!


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15 responses

  1. LOL – the artsy shot! It was lucky I was pointing the camera at that nozzle as the tap was turned on, otherwise my posted shot would've been one of a dribble!

  2. It's amazing how much water you can gather from a small area. We only have a 900 sq foot roof (no garage). I feel guilty not being out there capturing that overflow in something! Your lawn will love it and so will your purse.

  3. It is always fun when you first get to use your new toy but this one has a good purpose behind it but with all the rain we have got the last few days you would need way more then one of those tanks but one of these days I might just set up one!

  4. If we had more space in our yard we would have more than one of these or a bigger one. LOL – it felt a bit like getting a toy at Christmas without the batteries!

  5. I can imagine your happiness. The first time we got water to run out of our house taps after several botched attempts at plumbing was like all our Christmases coming at one time.

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