It’s still too far ….


I signed the manservant and myself up for the Susan G. Komen Race for the cure (breast cancer) – though we will be doing the walk not the run.

After quite a lot of walking on the weekend, with some resultant foot swelling, I said to him:  "I'm a bit worried about doing this 3 kilometre walk" .

He laughed as he said:  "It's much worse than that -  it's 3 miles"    


I guess I had better start doing some training:




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  1. i understand – i have started walking and have the swelling as well for days after. i push myself for the 4 days per week that i walk, but i try not to do much on the other days so the swelling goes down. it's the only part about the walking i hate. take your time Emjay and just expect to have some swelling. treat yourself to a pedi after and stay off of your feet after so the swelling goes down ; )

  2. "I guess I had better start doing some training." – not in those shoes! An acquaintance is training for the long walk and reports she's having a heck of a time collecting the necessary funds. And she's a lawyer with a vast network. The economy ….

  3. Training you better go get a pretty comfortable pair of shoes, without that your feet are going to die out on you take a walking stick for that time you need a little extra intensive or to lean on! practice makes perfect but good shoes will help alot Good Luck it is worth it!

  4. Congrats, what a beautiful event for a good cause. That's sweet.
    Yeah, I still wear my crappy sneakers running and it has messed up my back and my knees, some good new walking shoes will make you feel like you're walking on clouds! 😉

  5. More power to you Emjay for even thinking of doing the walk. I did the first year of my diagnosis, but could only make it once around the track on foot, the rest of the time the DH pushed me in a wheelchair so thoughtfully provided by friends at work who attended. It is overwhelming to me to see the numbers of people touched by cancer in one way or another – but the real clincher is to see all the people who have died of the disease in the luminaries around the track. Hope your foot gets to feeling better, and even if you're unable to do the whole walk, pat yourself on the back for your thoughtfulness.

  6. Not to underestimate your pain, but a three mile walk will not be hurtful.
    Please wear walking shoes that fit perfectly! And remember that socks vary in thickness, and snug shoes plus thick socks equal a three mile death march.

  7. Yes Sergio – the kilometre is more advantageous in this case. It doesn't sound as romantic as saying "walk a mile in my shoes" though. I have been very careful with my shoe selection since my surgery – I certainly wouldn't want to do that again. 🙂

  8. I think your new program is wonderful! My poor foot is getting better all the time and it only swells now if it's worked or hot. I will just dwadle along at the back of the pack – with my camera! 🙂

  9. LOL… I just started wearing heels again and these are so comfy – but you are right – not suitable for walking far on concrete. I had a friend who did the long walk (3 days??) a few years ago – even then she had trouble meeting the goal she had made. With this one you just pay an entrance fee – you can choose to have people sponsor as well but I have not done that.

  10. Oh, wow, that's soon – not much time for training. I think three miles is about an hour's walk at a brisk pace … maybe you can get the manservant to carry along a camp stool for occasional elevation breaks. Best wishes, Emjay!

  11. I went back to your blog entry of April 5. I wanted to double check the distance around the Tidal Basin againist what you planned to do. After considering the facts, I've come to the conclusion that you CAN in fact, do it. Of course, I would suggest you getting a pair of combat boots… 🙂

  12. It appears there are different levels of participation, with the longer walk requiring sponsorship. I couldn't say with certainty other than you weren't seriously considering those shoes for the event were you!?!?

  13. LOL – I can imagine being back on the crutches if I did 3 miles in those. I have a good pair of Keen hightops that I have been wearing – they will be a bit hot but they have good ankle support.

  14. I have a good pair of walking shoes but they will be a bit hot now the weather is warmer. I might be limping by the end but I know it is a good cause and that should get me there.

  15. Yeah – I've read that you should only run "x" miles in shoes before you get new ones even if they don't look worn out. I hope your back and knees are not too bad!

  16. Thank you Gina. I have done this walk a few times now. Last year I did the "sleep in" option (donation only) as that was the beginning of my whole foot trouble. They do get an amazing turnout and it is wonderful to see the survivors in their pink tee shirts. You are right – cancer touches most of us in some way.

  17. In the good old days before the whole foot "saga" I could've walked 3 miles in 45 minutes. I can do a mile in about 20 minutes but any subsequent ones take longer and longer. On the w/end we did about 3 in one go and I was limping somewhere into the 3rd one.

  18. snug shoes plus thick socks equal a three mile death march. LOL – how true! I was having a bit of a laugh at myself. I used to get the man servant up early on the w/ends for death marches. We would walk 8-10 miles and stop for breakfast on the way home. Then I shredded 2 tendons & a ligament in my foot and had some extensive surgery – it's taken a long time to get back to any sense of normalcy.

  19. LOL @ the manservant with the camp stool. My grandfather used to have a walking stick which had a handle which opened as a sort of sling seat. It only had the one "leg" though so I never fully understood how he balanced himself – he was a huge man!

  20. LOL … you know Raymond after I walked around the Tidal Basin I thought that would be the beginning of more walking & exercise in general but like all good plans it petered out when I got slack! I walk about 2 miles a day just getting to and from work but I had imagined doing long walks by the time we got to May. Oh – maybe I meant next May. 🙂

  21. you weren't seriously considering those shoes for the event were you!?!? Ha ha LOL – no! I have only been wearing "heels" for a couple of weeks and I wore these on Friday night. I had taken some photos of them just to "play" with in an editing program.

  22. Some of my female acquaintances swear by MBT shoes – something like Masai Barefoot Technology. So comfy for distance and help you work out while you walk!! Can be expensive though :(Anyhoo, best of luck and as posted earlier let us know when we can sponsor you

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