Went out for chili & found God


Yesterday we decided chili would be nice for lunch.  Ben's chili.   Ben has been really, really busy since Obama visited there – locals and tourists waiting in long queues to get to the counter.  So busy that we have stayed away though we were never regulars anyway.  But, we assumed that locals would be out of town and tourists down at the Mall and we just wanted chili!    

As we got closer we saw about 8 identical buses parked on 13th street and a bit of a police presence.   We asked what was going on and were told that a parade was going to come down U street turn onto 13th and finish at Logan Circle. 

The buses were full of "senior citizens" -  we assumed they would join the parade when it got close to the finish.  The only ambulance we saw all morning was parked across the street from the buses! 

Not long after we got to Ben's we could hear the parade coming down the street:

Just like the Pope Mobile: 


These guys were uber cool: 

This guy especially:

We had our own little dancing Queen on the footpath and a homeless guy just wanting to join in: 

Eventually the messages came along:

MMmmmm -  I had no comment to make on this one:

But various thoughts came to mind with this group: 

Loved this ride: Oh, and the numberplate says Daddy! 


Some big band sound:


This kid was amazing!!   Every time he played the deep mournful note cheers went up all around:

This guy was laid back:  

These guys win the award for most colourful outfit of the day: 

These guys had good sound and beat and were just jiving along:  

And then my little camera's battery died!

It was 86 degrees and all the time I stood opposite that 7-Eleven taking photos I kept thinking how thirsty I was – but of course – couldn't cross the parade!     

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  1. LOL – I forgot to mention that! Yes we did. The manservant ate while I was standing in the gutter with my camera. I took mine home for a late lunch.

  2. so on your way to eat a bowl or chili a parade broke out, love the Cadi looks like a nice way to get around! This is a holiday weekend in the USA at least by my calendar so have a good time and it reminds me it is time to brew a big pot of home made chili, the apple pie I made turned out great too bad I could only have a few bites of it!

  3. It was amazing…. you know, I do normally have a spare battery and memory card in my bag but because we were "just popping out" I had taken my camera out of my bag and just had it in a small purse with just my keys. Lesson learnt! 🙂

  4. Thank you Maju. I think I took about 50 photos so it wasn't too bad but there looked to be quite a lot of parade left to come past. It's times like that you wish the camera took AA batteries which can be bought on the spot!

  5. When I first saw all those bands I was expecting more of a mish mash of sounds but they were so well organised that only every 2nd or 3rd band would be playing at the one time and they were sufficiently separated that they didn't drown out each other.

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