A bag of beans – coffee beans…


The manservant has a friend, the Hawaiian,  who lives on the Big Island.  

The Hawaiian grows Kona coffee on a 3 acre farm.  To be authentic, Kona coffee can only be grown at altitudes between 1,000 and 3,000 feet along a 20 mile stretch of rainforest on the slopes of Mauna Loa.

The Hawaiian hand picks and mills his beans and then sun dries them.  He drives them to a place to be roasted in 25lb batches.  He stands overseeing the roasting process to ensure he gets his beans back.  He then hand packages them for sale. 

The majority of his customers like a roast blend of 2/3rds dark : 1/3 medium. There is more flavour with a dark roast but less caffeine than in a medium roast.  The Hawaiian drinks a 50/50 blend.   We go with the grower's choice. 

Ten divine pounds of 50/50 blend arrived in a bag for us today.  God, it smells good!

The Hawaiian has a basically fully sustainable farm.   The coffee shrubs grow everywhere except the plot for the vegetables: 

  I have never met the Hawaiian but the manservant hangs out on the farm whenever he goes to Hawaii.  I am told that the Hawaiian can whip up a marvelous meal straight out of this garden.


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  1. The Hawaiin sounds like a good friend to have. I wonder if he wants an Aussie penpal? Nothing to do with my liking for home grown coffee, of course….

  2. your mean I can not drink coffee anymore but I can smell the smell of coffee fresh and delicious, I used to get coffee delivered to my home it was a special blend with no fillers that I payed about $200 every 6month mmmmmmmm coffee

  3. The Hawaiian is my new role model. Please ration your caffeine intake and don't get too hyper with your blogging….I like to be able to keep up will ALL you write.

  4. Oh. My. God. That post is pure heaven. I can smell it. I can almost taste it. I like Blue Mountain coffee, as it's got a hell of a kick to it and even as a migraine sufferer, the only potent smell that doesn't make me want to tear out the front of my head is coffee.

  5. LOL. Snowy, do you think the mailman makes it up there! I'm not sure the Hawaiian spends much time on the computer – all that delicious garden to tend. I'm told that the rainforest encroaches in a couple of days if not kept under control.

  6. Oh – I'm sorry that coffee is one of the things you have had to cut out. That just seems wrong! Maybe when you get everything under control you can have the occasional cup…..

  7. …decent coffee is absurdly expensive in the UK.
    I thought just about everything was expensive in the UK. When I was there in December the only things I bought were my Harrod's mince pies and a Fortnum & Mason Christmas pudding. I know both were ridiculously overpriced but they tasted great! Actually, I probably ate them accompanied some with Kona coffee!

  8. Actually, I imagine some of your plot looking a bit like this except with the bromeliads and little boy plants. Perhaps you could throw in a couple of coffee bushes……

  9. We manage to make most friends feel quite envious. Everyone who drinks coffee gladly accepts a cup after dinner when they might not otherwise have coffee – or is that because they have had too much wine!

  10. We have coffee bushes too….they grow like weeds in the garden. We are too lazy to go through the lengthy process of preparing the beans to drink.

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