Happy Saturday


These plants always give me a giggle:

We were visiting a university in Spain where the manservant was giving a talk, in his guise as astro-physicist, and these were in a Professor's office.  I couldn't resist whipping out the camera while they talked science.

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  1. At the risk of sounding like a bit of a smart arse, Mrs GOF grows anthuriums to sell at local markets (I grow bromeliads) where, for reasons a good Methodist boy like me does not want to know, they are sometimes referred to as "little boy plants".They come in a huge range of sizes and colours many of which have been bred in The Netherlands. The petal part is called a "spathe" and the um, um, um erect bit is a "spadix".I have occasionally noticed a smile on Mrs Gof's face when she is working in her nursery.And I don't know whether this is an appropriate forum to make a suggestion to Patrick that perhaps he might like to take an interest in orchids……..

  2. It's funny but it looks a very vibrant red on the computer but on my laptop it looks sort of washed out. I had a very quiet Mother's Day – but it was nice thank you. 😉

  3. GOF – that is wonderful. Thank you. Many years ago I learnt that a male fish "part" was called a gonopodium and it entertained me to put the word into sentences. It is a word that I still enjoy using but I think it might get serious competition now from spadix!

  4. They do look plasticy – and the leaves even feel artificial. I've never owned one of these but I'm pretty sure I could kill one if given the chance. 🙂

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