Will the weeny become a monster?

Last year we bought a sickly little tomato plant from the bargain table at Home Depot.  It grew to monster proportions, taking over a whole section of garden, and threatened to escape into our neighbour's yard:

It saved us hundreds of dollars at the produce counter; it provided enough tomatoes to share with friends; it taught me that fried green tomatoes taste so much better than they sound and it showed me that an apple pie made out of green tomatoes tastes like the real thing – even if the consistency is wrong!

Because of the epic growth of last year's plant we decided that this year we would grow our tomato in a pot.   It was too early in the season for bargain, half dead tomato plants so we paid about $5 for our little tomato, and we bought a fake half whiskey barrel and a wire tomato cage.   We had a good laugh at our weeny little tomato after we had planted it – but we hope that in a couple of months it is saying "who's laughing now":


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  1. wow – last year's is insane! do you still have it or do they die off? (it's been a long time since I grew tomatoes and, even then, I've only grown them in SoCal – where everything is an perennial.)I was just at HomeDepot and Lowe's a couple weeks ago – neither one was offering ANY half-dead discounted plants. That's the only way I like to buy – if they die, I don't feel bad; if they live, I feel like a hero!

  2. No – it died at the first frost. As soon as the weatherman forecasted a frost we picked all the green tomatoes so they didn't go to waste. I find it strange to consider just about all plants as annuals here! Sydney weather is like LA's. I love the half dead discount table! 🙂

  3. Wow…that one tomato really grew! I bet your new one will do the same. I did the same thing as you last fall…pulled all my green tomatoes before the hard frost hit. I made a green tomato pie, and my kids thought it was an applie pie! It was so yummy. I also canned a lot of my tomatoes…mexican flavored, italian flavored & just plain tomatoe sauce.

  4. You will never know until it grows! Then attack of the mutant tomato plant or is this thing ever going to grow, I hope it is a better plant then last years it is always nice to grow your own plants, if I thought I could do it i would build a green house and try and grow all year around

  5. lol. Too funny, that teeny plant in the barrel. Good on ya for the Horrid Depot rescue. I always feel so sorry for those plants and so glad yours has not only survived but obviously thrived. BTW, the parsley plant I rescued from the street recently — it's nearly as tall as I am!

  6. Years ago, when I lived in a neighborhood not frequented by marauding deer that eat everything in sight, I planted some tomato plants outside my kitchen window. The dryer vent was also there. Don't know if that's what did it, but the plants kept growing and growing and growing. They grew above the roof. They kept growing until they got so heavy that they fell forward and uprooted themselves…..effectively committing tomato plantacide. They were so fascinating because of their size I don't even remember how productive they were, but I do believe there were several giants seen running about the neighborhood.

  7. Awww! The little weeny is so cute! Wow, the top photo is quite impressive. I had no idea tomatoes could take over a garden. Best wishes for as much growth and fruit again this year!

  8. Oooooooooo!!! It's peeking over the tippy-top of that barrel at us!! ADORABLEI hope it grows and grows and grows, and give you many wonderful tomatoes! that one last year was amazing.

  9. I did not really believe that green tomatoes could taste like apple – though my grandmother used to make apple pies out of chokos so I should not have been surprised. I will try canning this year if I have enough – I did make some chutney last year.

  10. Oh that is fabulous about your parsley!! The Hopeless Depot were their usual selves – hopeless. Why oh why do they only have two self serve checkouts open and none manned by a person! It doesn't matter which queue you get in you are bound to be behind people who have "issues" or products without prices. I left behind a marigold because it did not have a price on it and the service person who came to help told me that she couldn't walk to the garden section "because of her leg". Apparently they don't have intercoms or paging systems in my Hopeless Depot.

  11. I was surprised at the voracious growth of last year's plant. It effectively swallowed up day lilies and the mint and basil I had planted along the same bed. This year I am not taking any chances! 🙂

  12. LOL – we had a really good laugh when we saw how pathetic it looked in the pot. It says 70 days till we get tomatoes – it has a fair bit of growing to do!

  13. I am sure that little plant is going to fill up that pretty barrel soon enough- you have such green thumbs!We have a couple of tomato plants in a pot as well- your pictures give me hope. 🙂

  14. Come to think of it, don't think my Horrid Depot has intercoms or pagers either, only in-house phones. Not that it matters what communication system they have, if you're lucky enough to get someone on the other end of the line answering, s/he still can't help ya. LOL to the leg lady. Gee, I'd-a-hafta refrain from a snappy response to that!

  15. It is hopefully the way of the future for urban dwellers. Taste better, no chemicals. Hope we get another photo of this little fella in a couple of months.

  16. We have applied for a water tank through the city council also – there is a waiting list! It has rained every day since we planted the little guy so I was expecting to see it floating in the barrel when I checked it this 'arvo. I'm pleased to report that it is still rooted and possibly a smidgen bigger.

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