Today is Min’s day….


I am the eldest of 4….  Me, Min, Only Son and Cat.

Most of the year I blithely cruise along being whatever age I feel like being – happy and blissful. But, then a sibling goes and ruins my illusion by having a birthday and Wham!  I am slapped in the face with the reality that I am older than that.  
I was moseying along, as only toddlers can, when Min was brought home.  I do not remember anything about mum's pregnancy nor the arrival of Min in the house.

I do, however, remember that when I was about 3 she came to "visit" my room with her possessions and she never left. 

Only Son was born and took over the 3rd bedroom and then little Cat came along and sealed the deal on the final spare room in the house. 

I suffered from a severe sense of entitlement because I was the eldest, but that room of my own was never to be. Min and I were destined to go through teenage years in the one room fighting as only teenage sisters can – each wishing the other would disappear.  Today, in Australia, it is Min's birthday and I wish her only the best. 

Here is one of Min's birthdays from many years ago….  that is me with the plaits and little Cat is straining to see over the chair.

Not content with the view from that side of the table, Cat has changed sides in this shot:   

This is Min and I with family friend Phyl (Phyllis).  I was incredibly jealous of Min's much blonder hair. This feeling was especially acute because I seemed to spend a lot of my childhood with atrocious cuts!  Presumably this is one I had done myself because surely no stylist would deliberately cut this badly!   There's a lot of tartan in this shot!


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  1. Happy Birthday, Min. Hopefully your life is so much more peaceful now than it was growing up with that Emjay and Cat. And (just to get myself back in their good books), I'm sure you grew up to be just as sweet as they are.

  2. Sounds like you were surrounded by love and bad haircuts. I have a feeling they all looked up to you and probably dreaded haircut day. And I think you're secretly proud of each and all… πŸ™‚

  3. hahah, there is a lot of tartan! perhaps that explains my sudden urge to don a kilt and do a scottish jig. bad haircuts is an occupational hazard of childhood. we all have one that makes the school photo, the family christmas picture (if your family's into that kinda thing, mine definitely was not!), or, tada, vox! fun to point an' laugh years later, eh?

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MIN! Is it not always that way just when your delusional world is going great someone comes along to remind you that you really have a few more years under the belt then you wish to remember! I feel your pain but then sometimes them young people must respect there elders!

  5. Happy birthday to your sis! What a cute story….thanks for sharing! By the way, if you did cut your own hair, you did a very competent job of it! πŸ˜‰

  6. But it was a big room you had.
    And you can't blame me – look how little I was, you should've snagged that room long before I came along.
    That tartan is too funny. Especially Phils pants.

  7. I feel your pain. My little brother was 26 on Saturday and I feel bloody ancient. I'm the eldest of two and I hated the brother when he arrived. We fought like cat and dog up until I got to late teens and he was mid teens, at which point we joined forces to defeat the evil that was…..the Menopause Monster. My mother, who did not have an easy time during the menopause and was what you could most kindly call 'unpredictable'. These days we get on well and will tear strips off anyone who dares to say a word against the other but despite this we still know exactly which buttons to press to wind the other one up.

  8. Hahah! Love the pants. I think I have some photos lurking about somewhere that look just like that. Bad hair and all. I can only imagine the tales my boys will some day tell–we have all five of them in one room. It is a big room–33 feet long and sixteen feet wide, mind you, but you know they'll never include the dimensions when they tell it. I keep telling myself the shared room is the reason they are all such good friends and I don't want to ruin the friendships by subdividing.

  9. Thank you Raymond – yes I am proud of all of us – we turned out ok. There might have been moments when our parents wondered though ….. LOL. Looking through old photos it seems that I had the lions share of those bad haircuts! Perhaps my mother had perfected the home cut by the time she got to Cat.

  10. LOL – absolutely! The only other time I feel "old" is when I get together with people I went to school with and can see my age reflected in their faces. πŸ™‚

  11. I remember my parents buying an electric razor to cut my brother's hair and the first buzz took a strip down to his skull!!! He then had to be shorn all over to make it look ok – this was before it was trendy! He had a massive tantrum because he didn't want to go to school until it grew! LOL.

  12. LOL. I spent one year truly believing that I was a year younger than I was. That's how bad my mathematics is! It was only when I was filling in some electronic form where I had to put my birthdate and it converted it to actual age that I realised I was actually a year older! It had been nice while it lasted. πŸ™‚

  13. Ha – LOL – what a wonderful story of the outfit for your 1st grade photo. I remember having to hold one of my sons in my lap for haircuts so he didn't jump with fright everytime the hairdresser came near him. I was basically pinning him down!

  14. LOL – the Bay City Rollers would've been jealous of all that tartan! I remember drawing a line down the middle of the room and telling Min that she could not step over it. The problem with that was that the wardrobe was on my side of the line….. !!

  15. LOL – my whole house is 19 feet wide and 63 feet long! (it is double storey though) . Your boys' room would almost be an open plan floor. It must be like a fabulous romper room. I hope they stay good friends with each other.

  16. The plaits were quite nice. There was a stage there though when my mother would plait from the parting across my forehead into one of the side plaits. I think I was the only child I knew who had 3 plaits!! I can only assume she did this to stop shorter hairs falling into my eyes. Didn't seem to be able to get away from tartan – Black Watch tartan was part of my school uniform for years.

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